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Acupuncture Centers In Madrid

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Written by Brian S.

Acupuncture, which originated around the year 100 A.C. in China, is a form of alternative medicine, which has gained more followers in recent years that trust this method to treat many disorders such as tobacco addiction, insomnia, and gastrointestinal problems to alleviate any pains.

At ShMadrid, we want to tell you about the acupuncture centers that you can find in Madrid.

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Where to find acupuncture centers in Madrid

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Chien Kang Acupuncture Center

It is one of the most lauded alternative medicine clinics in Madrid. With more than 25 years of experience in the city, the Chien Kang Acupuncture Center performs several acupuncture treatments, such as:

  • moxibustion, which involves the application of heat onto acupuncture points
  • phytotherapy, which administers medicines from Chinese plants orally or topically to balance and harmonize the body’s energy and increase its defenses
  • tui-na therapy, which manually applies pressure and movement to manipulate the acupuncture points to correct the imbalance of energy, unlock muscle and joint tensions, and relieve the body of fatigue
  • other treatments include laser therapy and electroacupuncture

Dr. Chen, the head of this acupuncture center who also personally sees each client, has more than 25 years of experience and is licensed in traditional Chinese medicine by the Zhejiang University of ChinaThis acupuncture center is in the neighbourhood of Chueca, on Calle de Sagasta, 8.

Guang An Men Acupuncture Clinics

This center of Chinese medicine in Madrid has several clinics throughout the country with a large presence in Catalonia and Valencia. The Guang An Men acupuncture clinic opened its doors in 1989, the result of a collaboration with the prestigious Guang An Men Hospital in Beijing, and is associated with the European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Auriculotherapy treatments, a method to treat the body through the auricular pavilion, are carried out, as well as suction cup treatments that provoke certain skin and tissue stimuli through the vacuum production, plus phytotherapy, tui-na treatments, moxibustion, and consultations on nutritional and diet methods.

At Guang An Men, they also offer conventional medicine treatments where technological advances, surgery, and pharmacology are used when traditional Chinese medicine is not enough. There are two centers in Madrid, one in Malasaña and one in Fuente del Berro.

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Dr. Xu Acupuncture Medical Clinic

This clinic, directed by Dr. Xu Qizhi, a collegiate physician and professor of Master of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid, is a medical center in which acupuncture is mainly used as a therapeutic technique to treat various pathologies and disorders, where other natural therapies such as moxibustion, homeopathy, auriculopuncture, and cupping are also offered.

Dr. Xu’s Acupuncture Medical Clinic also offers treatment for fertility for pregnant women following the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, using a traditional acupuncture method combined with homeopathy and orthomolecular nutrition. This center is in the neighbourhood of Niño Jesús, on Calle Dr. Esquerdo, 112.

Have you ever performed any acupuncture treatment? 

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