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Massages for Pregnant Women in Madrid

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Written by Paula

pregnancy is a very special and delicate time in which the carrier of a new life deserves to be treated like a queen. Luckily, there are a number of businesses in Madrid who share the same idea, which is why they offer services specially dedicated to pampering women that are with child.

Today’s article by ShMadrid will focus on massages especially for women who are pregnant. Ready to be pampered?

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Where to have great massages when pregnant

The Beauty Concept


Photo via Pixabay

The Beauty Concept is a chain of medical beauty centers by Paz Torralba, who has over ten years of experience in the business. In her centers, she offers a mix of health and beauty treatments and a personalized service that guarantees the customer has the best experience possible.

Among the many treatments offered at The Beauty Concept is a ritual designed especially for pregnant women, to prevent stretch marks, tend to overexerted legs, and to provide full body relaxation.

The ritual is divided into phases, starting with an enzymatic peeling, going into a massage, and then ending with pressotherapy. The beauty center is located at Calle de Chile, 10, (in the neighbourhood of Hispanoamerica) and Calle de José Ortega y Gasset, 49 (in the neighbourhood of Lista).

Baby Be

Baby Be is a physical therapy and aesthetic center located at Calle San Juan de La Salle, 3 in the neighbourhood of El Viso, which helps women get ready for childbirth, also offering a variety of services for babies and kids (such as osteopathy and yoga), and services for pregnant women.

The center offers a series of different massages, specially designed to help provide comfort to women who are carrying a child. You can choose a massage that focuses on your back, on blood flow, or simply a massage to help you relax.

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The Chi Spa

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Photo via Pexels

The Chi Spa describes itself as an “urban oasis dedicated to health, beauty, and personal wellness“. This beautiful venue located in the heart of Madrid offers luxurious experiences to those who visit it, who always leave the venue feeling a pleasant sense of relaxation.

Among the various services offered by this spa, are the pre-natal massage, which can be enjoyed by women who are over 12 weeks pregnant. The spa is in the neighbourhood of Recoletos, at Carrer Conde de Aranda, 14.

They also offer lymphatic drainage massages to help activate the circulation in the body and to relieve the feeling of tired legs, which is very common during pregnancy due to the extra weight women have to carry for so many months.

What are other ways of pampering yourself when pregnant?

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