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Best exercise options for women in Madrid

Written by Anthony Stephan

Fitness is a combination of cardio and intense workout, strength and body structure. Fitness has been very popular for its benefits for decades. When you have a good training style and a routine, you quickly improve your health. As women’s needs are different from men’s, there are different types of classes on offer to each of the sexes. In Madrid, there are many gym centers in every district. If you don’t know which one to choose, we at ShMadrid can give you some advice. So are you ready to shape your body or lose weight?  gives you its best exercise options for women in Madrid.

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If you are looking for the cheapest way to workout, think gyms! Most of them are franchises and the fees are pretty affordable. On average, you pay around €20 per month for the subscription. With a promotion, the registration may be free. As this can be expensive (€35-50), it would be a significant save. Every gym is all spacious (two rooms or more on different floors) and fully equipped.

If you decide to join a gym, the are two ways of training: either you train by yourself or attend some group classes. Any gym has a weekly program with a dozen of different classes. They are all monitored by professional trainers who are there to guide you and help you to perform your exercises correctly.

In Madrid, visit AltaFit, FitUp or BasicFit and ask for a free day trial. Gymnasio Dream Fit is another one that is very affordable. They have six centers in Madrid (and many more in Spain). The subscription is only €26.90/month!

Most gyms offer body pump, spinning, pilates, yoga, body balance and many other classes that are perfect for shaping women’s bodies.

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Fitness instructors and personal trainers

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For those who prefer having a personalized training, fitness instructors and personal trainers are the best options. The benefits of having a personal trainer are multiple. You reach your goals by following a special program to lose weight, gradually moving from level to level. Your trainer will teach you the perfect way to perform each movement by explaining how to have a good posture and demonstrating the correct techniques.

On ideafit, you choose your personal trainer among a list of certified fitness instructors. Some are also nutritionists or dietitians so you can complete your personal training by receiving some advice on food and diet.

Another recommendation is Tupersonaltrainer. Trainers go to your home and bring all the equipment needed for a good workout. They also offer training for pregnant women and post-partum training.

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