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Accommodation in Madrid

Areas in Madrid with More Affordable Rent

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Written by Daniella

Madrid is a charming and vibrant city with spectacular monuments, interesting buildings and lots of exciting leisure options to discover. Quality of life is good in the city, and that is exactly why many people are considering moving to the Spanish capital. But moving to a big city is not always that simple, as certain areas are very expensive to live in.

It is therefore important to separate neighbourhoods with a higher standard of living from those with a lower standard, although these neighbourhoods can still be very friendly. If you are interested in renting an apartment in Madrid, this article by ShMadrid will share information on areas that currently have the most affordable rent.

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Get to know Madrid’s cheaper residential areas

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Many people that visit Madrid would like to move to the city indefinitely to discover its full potential and explore all possibilities. Also many of them, however, have no other choice than to rent an apartment outside of Madrid’s centre, because they don’t want to spend their entire salary on rent.

It’s good to know that sometimes, in order to live well, you don’t necessarily have to leave the city centre and move to the region of Madrid. You only need excellent searching skills to find more affordable neighbourhoods with rental prices that are within your budget.

The following 4 neighbourhoods are full of shops, residents are friendly, and there’s a great public transport system to connect you to the city centre. Keep the next few areas in mind when you are looking for a rental apartment:

  1. Vallecas is a neighbourhood that actually feels like a village, and people that live here work hard. It’s a bit far from the city centre, but it can be easily reached. Just to give you an idea, rent in this neighborhood is usually between €500 and €600, and this is much lower compared to other centrally located neighbourhoods in Madrid.

There’s lots of cultural diversity in Vallecas, and this has enriched the area even more. It is definitely a multicultural neighbourhood, but it has never lost its true essence, so it’s still a very original place to live.

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  1. street with cars and large building in background in madrid

    Photo by OndasDeRuido via Visualhunt

    Carabanchel is also a cheaper district and one of the busiest residential areas in the city. Carabanchel is located in the southern part of Madrid, just like Vallecas.

The district has 7 different neighbourhoods worth checking out: Comillas, Opañel, San Isidro, Vista Alegre, Puerta Bonita, Buenavista and Abrantes. The district has a very bohemian feel to it, with various artist workshops who love to show you their work.

  1. Tetuán is another affordable option. This district is one of the most diverse districts in the city, and it is divided into 6 different neighbourhoods, with one even more cosmopolitan and dynamic than the other: Cuatro Caminos, Bellas Vistas, Almenara, Castillejos, Berruguete and Valdeacederas.

The district stands out from other areas in the city for its strong economic and social contrasts. Connections to and from the district are excellent, and besides this, you will find one of Madrid’s very popular shopping zones in Tetuán, called Calle Bravo Murillo.

  1. Pilar is part of the district of Fuencarral-El Pardo, and this district is located in the north-western area of Madrid. This is mainly a residential zone, and you will even be able to see buildings with more than ten floors here.

La Vaguada shopping centre is one of the neighbourhood’s greatest assets. Additionally, there are many leisure and social activities in the area, and they mainly take place during holidays.

*Main photo by r2hox via Visualhunt

Do you know other areas in Madrid with cheap(er) rental prices?

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