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Where to Buy Affordable Toys in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

It is almost Christmas, and something that can really preoccupy our minds is the gifts we are going to get for our children. So where can we buy cheap toys in Madrid? That is a question we get asked a lot, and luckily we also have the answer!

This article by ShMadrid shares a couple of well-known shops with you, in order for you to find real bargains. Remember that doing a little research before you leave the house to buy gifts always pays off.

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Discover locations in Madrid to buy cheap toys


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One of the places where you can really save some money is the supermarket. Carrefour, for example, is a spectacular chain store with exclusive offers, and this way your wallet will not be completely empty after December 25 and January 6.

You can find one of the Carrefours at Centro Comercia Plaza Aluche at Avenida de los Poblados, 58, in the neighbourhood of Carabanchel.

Sometimes Carrefour even has coupons, which allow you to save even extra, because of the crazy discounts you will get. This will surely make all of your child’s dreams come true.

Carrefour’s promotions and discounts are amazing, but, as with other advantages, you have to be aware of these promotions first to be able to use them.

Another great aspect is that you can do your shopping online if you don’t have the time to go to one of its hypermarkets that you can find all over the country. Visiting the website and buying your gifts online is really simple.

All you have to do is use the website’s search option, and if you enter “toys”, you can select gifts according to your child’s age. It is also possible to apply a filter, based on what you are looking for (construction toys, dolls, puzzles, etc.), the amount of money you want to spend or the brand of your preference.


Imaginarium is a large Spanish, internationally operating company. It has, in fact, hundreds of stores in 35 countries. Their aim is to surprise the parents, resulting in pure fun and happiness for the children.

You can find an Imaginarium at Centro Comercial Moda Shopping at Avenida del General Perón, 40, in the neighbourhood of Chamartín.

Imaginarium’s main idea is to launch a collection of incredible products, that focuses on a child’s natural talent. The products promote real and physical entertainment, instead of the type that only requests a television screen or tablet. One example is a toy that helps children develop their sense of balance.

Imaginarium’s toys help with children’s social and sensory capacities, develop their potential and discover boundaries. To do this, the company has its own brand and creates their own designs, which is key to meeting the aforementioned objective: boosting a child’s natural development, while at the same time contributing to feeling happy.

In addition to this, parents can sign up for the Imaginarium club that was created in 1994, which keeps them up to date of promotions and new toys. The club’s aim is to really connect with those parents who are committed to the brand’s ideals.

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Juguetilandia is another place in Madrid where you can find cheap toys. All you have to do is go to their website and search for the nearest address. There is a list of all their locations with telephone numbers as well.

One of Juguetilandia’s shops can be found at Calle Salvador de Madariaga (no number), in San Sebastián de los Reyes.

Their physical stores are full of many different types of toys at the best price. These toys can also be bought online from the comfort of your own home.

Have a look at some of their categories to find something that suits your child, because those categories will make it much easier to go through the thousands of options there actually are.

They have bicycles, puzzles, remote control vehicles, costumes, dolls and many, many more affordable gifts. Every now and then they offer special promotions, like their “10 euro toys”, which are even better if you are on a limited budget.

There is a little bit of everything in this price category, and Juguetilandia’s collection will surely surprise you.

Are there other cheap toy stores in Madrid that you know of?

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