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Buying Toys for Papa Noel in Madrid

Written by Laura

Christmas is nearly here, and children are waiting to receive their gifts from Papa Noel himself. Although in Spain the tradition has been that the three kings are the ones in charge of bringing presents to the children on the night of January 5, the Anglo Saxon tradition of Father Christmas bringing presents has taken hold in many Spanish households as well. The Magis still continue to do their job diligently as always, but not without the help of the jolly bearded man with delivering toys. This double-dipping of gifts comes, as one could imagine, as a joy to children and a detriment to parents, as they now have to find two sets of gifts. Today in this article form ShMadrid, we’ll be talking about where to find the best toys in the capital.

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Toys in the capital – all the best options

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There are many types of toys, from educational toys that adapt to the learning stages of the child and help stimulate their development, purely playful toys whose purpose is to entertain and help children discover new abilities, to role-playing toys that help a child to simulate adult activities such as taking care of a baby, cooking, driving or repairing a car. The amount of different types toys out there for your child is huge, which can overwhelm parents as they try to pick out something for their little one. The smartest way to go about this decision is to choose toys that correspond to your child’s age, information that will generally be specified on the toy packaging. This is important as it allows the child to truly enjoy the toy at that moment in time; if you buy a toy meant for an age range younger than your child, they will probably be bored with it, and if it is meant for an older age group then your child cannot enjoy the toy since they may not understand how to interact with it.

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If you want to buy your children gifts on behalf of Papa Noel, you can look for options at the Feria del Juguete de Madrid, also called the Toy Market, which is celebrated and takes place on the last Saturday of every month (except in August and July). This market lasts from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and takes place at the Centro Comercial Dolce Vita on Avenida España 17 de Alcobendas, a municipality close to the capital. Another traditional option is going to the many different toy stores that exist in Madrid. For example, Jugueterías Poly is a store where you will find thousands of toys for all age and are sure to find something that your children will love. If you want your child to have a variety of different educational toys, you can go to any of the stores at Dideco, where you will find toys for children of all ages that are especially designed to help develop psychomotor, athletic and intellectual skills in young kids. You can also buy products on their website. Lastly, you can always find toys at large stores such as Carrefour, El Corte Inglés and the other department stores and shopping malls in the Comunidad de Madrid, where you’re sure to find limitless toy options for all ages and tastes.

Where are you buying your Papa Noel gifts this year?

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