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Christmas Gift Shopping in Madrid

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Written by Laura

If there’s one thing that defines the holiday season, it’s the high level of consumerism. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Secret Santa parties, Papá Noel and Three Kings day, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be spending a whole lot of your Christmas bonus just on gifts.

Along with the actual money spent on presents, another stressor when it comes to holiday shopping is the amount of time it takes to track down specific gifts for everyone, especially if you’re not sure where to look.

Overall, finding the perfect gift isn’t easy, and being original with your gifts is even harder. That’s why today in this article from ShMadrid, we’ll be telling you the best places to go for original, beautiful gifts for the upcoming holidays.

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Where to find original gifts for the holidays

Online gift shopping

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Sometimes, online shopping can be your best friend when it comes to unusual gifts that you can’t find in a department store. For example, the online store El Regalador offers a variety of intriguing gift ideas for important holidays.

They have a number of specific and personalized products, such as personalized red wine with a label featuring a picture and the name of the receiver of the gift (for the wine connoisseur in your life), a razor blade that doesn’t leave hairs in the bathroom, a bicycle repair toolkit, 3D virtual reality glasses with headphones and photo-personalized mugs.

You can also check out their microwavable heat-up socks for relaxation, seeds for aromatic plants, various books, portable phone chargers shaped like unicorns and other fun designs and even vintage-style record players. 

An alternative to El Regalador is Curiosite, another online gift store. They have an especially wide offering of gifts for children, such as a nightlight shaped like Totoro, an inflatable giant Earth ball, Harry Potter-themed items such as an owl-shaped mug or a Hogwarts Express LEGO train, and cool electronics such as a 3D storytelling device or lantern story projector.

If you’re looking for gifts for your parents, you can check out and look through some of their Snuggie-style sleeved blankets, gold-plated home decor, personalized puzzles and beautiful bedroom furniture to decorate their room in elegant style.

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Shopping at stores, shopping centres and markets

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Lastly, you can always check out one of the most reliable and well-known stores in Spain for all kinds of gifts, El Corte Inglés. This store could be your lifesaver for a last-minute gift purchase.

If you are thinking of a unique and original gift, something that you couldn’t find anywhere else, you can try El Rastro, the city’s most underground market.

If you’ll be spending more time at the shopping malls in the city for gift shopping, there are various places you can stop in, from Madrid Xanadú at Calle Puerto de Navacerrada s/n (just outside of the city) and Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío (in the district of Moncloa-Aravaca) to the Centro Comercial Isla Azul (in the district of Carabanchel)

Are there last-minute gifts you still need to buy for the holidays?

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