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Bars in Madrid with Free Tapas

Written by Daniella

Tapas bars are your favourite place to go to in Spain, and Madrid has many spots where you can have these wonderful specialties, that are so very rooted in the Spanish culinary culture. There are many tapas bars, some of better and some of average quality, but there are not many bars that offer free tapas. Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you all about bars that offer delicious tapas for free when you order a drink. So what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy the best tapas in Madrid completely free of charge!

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A few bars in the capital that offer free tapas

Photo by Supersalome via Visualhunt

Yes, although it sounds unbelievable, it is still possible to have tapas at a bar in Madrid for free. In some Spanish provinces it is unimaginable that you would be given anything for free in a bar, except for some peanuts or popcorn, that might even have been on the table for the last couple of days. And that is why you are extremely happy when you can order a good tapa. Some of the bars that offer free tapas are the following: Bar Los Amigos, in Calle Ezequiel Solana 114. This bar in the capital is rated as one of the best when ordering free tapas. If you ask for a beer the tapas start appearing spontaneously, so you will be able to eat some Spanish snacks for the price of only the drinks you are having. This is a perfect idea for during the weekend or at lunchtime, and it can cost you as little as a couple of euros. Another option is Pestiqueira, in Calle Churruca 6. Although a bit expensive, they offer generous portions with a beer. So at this bar you have a couple of beers, and then you will have almost a full diner with it. The atmosphere is fun and vibrant, but sometimes it gets crowdy, because of the excellent tapas they serve. You can also drop by at Entre Cáceres and Badajoz, one of the most traditional tapas bars in Madrid. A multitude of abundant and delicious tapas accompany your drink. It is certainly a cheap and delicious way to have a bite to eat.

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Photo by avlxyz via Visualhunt

In El Respiro de Chueca you can have a cheap beer and some tasty food. The tapas are large in size, and prices of drinks are pretty ok. Your glass will never be empty here, the service is a joy and their tapas (potatoes with sausages and peppers, chicken with garlic, empanadillas, paella, etc.) are generous and most importantly… free! In Calle Caballero de Gracia 18 you can find an example of homemade and tasty cuisine at unbeatable prices. El Rincon Abulense is a small restaurant known for its generous tapas, that accompany every round of drinks. Since word spread and many people want to try it, Friday nights are crowded with groups of friends, who first have a few beers and then go out for dinner together. There are a lot of different and delicious tapas, and the quality is very good. Finally, we can also recommend Índalo Tapas, a chain of breweries that meets all the requirements to be a success. A draft beer, delicious free tapas and impeccable service, what else do you really need?

*Main photo by jpellgen (@1179_jp) via Visualhunt

Where do you go to have free tapas in Madrid?

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