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The Best Bakeries in Madrid

Written by Daniella

One of the foods that is most consumed by Spaniards, and that is most evolved throughout the last century, is bread. Until well into the twentieth century, bread was a basic food in Spain. Every bakery made fresh bread on a daily basis. The ingredients were always natural and the taste of bread was delicious. Later on, the production of bread was industrialized. Dough with low quality ingredients was delivered to bakeries in a frozen state, and all they had to do was then bake it in the ovens at the bakery. It eliminated the tradition of making fresh bread every single day. But after a while bakeries were faced with the results of selling lower quality bread, and the consumption of bread reduced. So a few years ago, natural bakeries started to flourish, and now bakeries are delivering a variety of fresh bread with good quality again. So today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you about the best bakeries in Madrid.

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Discover artisan bakeries in the capital

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First of all we would like to tell you about bakery chain Panod. The professional bakers at Panod seek to offer real bread, that is well prepared and has natural ingredients. The bread follows a traditional production process, where raw materials are just as important as the manufacturing process itself. The best farmers are chosen to deliver good quality ingredients, in order to obtain clean flour. The last important factor is choosing master bakers, who prepare and bake the best varieties of bread on an every day basis. Preparations consist of slow kneading, the use of a naturally fermented sourdough and baking the bread in a refractory brick oven. In Panod’s shops you will find, among many other absolutely delicious varieties, Galician bread, rye bread, seed bread, whole-wheat and corn bread, Kalamata olive bread, spelt bread or sandwich bread.

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The next bakery we would like to share with you is Harina, and they use four simple ingredients to make the best bread; a sourdough starter, flour, water and salt. A long period of fermenting and the absence of any additives, makes their bread stand out. You can find many types of bread at Harina, and they always take their time to prepare the bread with good quality flour. Take for example their wheat bread, rye bread, whole-wheat, Kamut bread and spelt bread, which are all more easy to digest. They also have other varieties, such as seed bread, olive bread, bread with raisins or nuts, bread with dried tomato or honey and bran bread. Because of their many varieties and different ingredients, Harina has become a benchmark for bakeries in the capital. And besides just buying bread, you can also have breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner here. The last bakery we would like to recommend is Levadura Madre – Organic Bakery, a chain of small bakeries, that offers a lot of variety. Every day they make fresh bread at their small bakery. Levadura Madre intends to let you rediscover the taste of daily bread, and they offer their clients great service.

Have you tried bread at any of these bakeries?

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