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The Best Breweries in Madrid

Written by Daniella

There are almost as many bars as there are inhabitants in Spain, and Madrid is no exception. If there is one thing Spaniards like, it is to take a refreshing beer with friends, either watching football or just chatting and solving the country’s problems. If politicians could listen to the lively, and sometimes heated talks about politics in any of the thousands of bars in Spain, they could possibly get more than an idea to incorporate into their policy plans. In the meantime, this article by ShMadrid will tell you all about the best breweries in the capital.

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Have one of the best beers of the world in Madrid

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Beer, a drink that is in high demand in the capital by many customers at bars or restaurants, is an alcoholic beverage based on barley, cereal and hop. There are many flavors and even textures of beer, as this depends on the ingredients and how you make this golden brew, which provides many a good time for beer lovers. In addition, beer is an extremely healthy product, since it contains vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, fibers, micro nutrients and carbohydrates, provided that it is drunk in moderation. And, thanks to the famous and beneficial Mediterranean diet, fermented beverages such as beer, are very healthy because of the properties and raw materials of which they are made. In line with this, the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (Sociedad Española de Nutrición Comunitaria or SENC) includes, without any problems, fermented beverages (beer, wine, cava or cider) in the Healthy Eating Pyramid diet for adults, but always in moderation and with the occasional consumption.  As we mentioned before, beer is one of the products that is most in demand, and generally all consumers have a preferred brand. But in recent years the bars that make their own home brewed beers have increased greatly. This trend has caused many bars to change their philosophy, and serve excellent quality beers along with gourmet tapas to complete a first class gastronomic offer.

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Photo via Pixabay

One of these bars where craft beers are served in the capital is Fábrica Maravillas, located at Calle Valverde, 29. In this atelier brewery you can taste many types of beers, with different flavors, textures and colors, always natural and completely new. The next alternative we suggest is Pez Tortilla, a lovely bar that serves more than thirty types of beers. At Pez Tortilla you can also taste delicious tortillas with the most spectacular flavors, like torta del casar, with brie and ham, Galician octopus or feta cheese, or olives with Caesar sauce. Of course, the imagination of the chef may take your taste buds anywhere. Croquettes are also one of the favorites at this tapas bar, with recipes for delicious squid croquettes, shrimp with garlic or carbonara croquettes. Finally, our last suggestion is the Oldenburg bar, a typical German brewery with over 200 varieties of imported beers. You will need a little time to know which one to choose first, and it will be hard to leave before having tried them all.

Have you visited any of these bars? What did you like best?

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