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The Best Horchatas in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Now that summer is here, we enjoy having drinks or snacks outside on a terrace. And one of our most favourite drinks during the summer is the famous horchata, a creation of Valencian origin with tiger nuts as its main ingredient, which is a small tuber. Grinding the nuts and adding other ingredients, such as sugar, water, cinnamon or lemon peel, will result in a delicious horchata, a refreshing and high-calory drink similar to milk. You can drink it by itself, or have it together with a few great fartons, which are long and fine brioches, that you usually dip into the horchata. Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you all about the best places to have horchata in the capital.

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The best horchaterías in Madrid

Photo by fritish via Visualhunt

The history of horchata goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, as glasses containing tiger nuts have been found in the treasures of pharaohs tombs. There are also very old Persian and Arab writings mentioning the digestive and disinfectant benefits of chufa, used for medicinal purposes with energetic and diuretic effects. In Spain, it originates from the town of Alboraya, and it is the typical drink of the Valencian community, who love to eat fartons with their horchata, after dipping them into the drink. The first horchatería we would like to recommend honours to the name of the locality that has made this drink famous. Horchatería Alboraya, located at Carrer de Alcalá, 125 and Avinguda Felipe II, 26, shows that its premise is to make the best tiger nut milk from the fields of their Valencian grandparents, and to churn the best artisan ice cream in the city. They are the third generation in this family of tiger nutters, still having the same passion for their work, as well as using their experience and modern production techniques to offer only high quality products of excellent flavour.

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You can also have an exceptional horchata at Oroxata, located at Carrer Villamil, 44. Horchata is very healthy, since it helps digestion. It also supports the intestinal flora and bowel movement. Besides this, it reduces the retention of fluids, not only by its very high water content, but also by the properties of the tiger nut itself, that help reduce volume and swelling, which is good to know if you suffer from this problem. That is why it is not only a delicious drink, but also highly beneficial to your body. It is your ideal lunch or snack. Our last recommendation is Heladería Los Alpes, which offers a novelty, as they sent their employees to Alboraya to see exactly how the authentic horchata is being made. Witnessing the hands of the best horchata masters resulted in an exquisite horchata and actually one of the best horchatas in Spain. So now you know, if you want an amazing horchata, you can try any of the recommendations in this article.

*Main photo by kern.justin via Visualhunt

Is there an excellent horchatería in Madrid that we have forgotten?

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