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Madrid with kids

Madrid’s Best Parks with Children

Written by Daniella

Parks are an ideal place to disconnect and enjoy nature, when you live in a big city. If you have small children you also prefer to have a park nearby, so they can play and develop social skills with children their own age. There are many urban parks in the city of Madrid, but some are especially suitable for children. So if you are currently living in the capital of Spain and would like to know which are the best parks to take your children, enjoy reading this article by ShMadrid.

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Enjoy the best parks of Madrid with your children

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So let’s start with our list of the most fun parks for children in the Community of Madrid. We start with a park situated in the capital itself, the Parque de la Cuña Verde de la Latina, also known as the Cerro de la Mica. It is a large green park with fantastic viewpoints, from where you can have amazing views of Madrid. The park has many facilities for children, such as a children’s area with boat-shaped swings, a sports area that include a climbing wall, and there is also a bike route, where you can hop on your bicycle for a fun ride. You can also visit the three rose gardens. When they are in full bloom, they turn the park into a beautiful place and it has several water features. One of the best parks in Madrid to take your children is located in the district of Vallecas. It is the Cerro del Tío Pío, also called Parque de las 7 Tetas. It is an ideal spot for families who need a break on the weekends, with views of the city that are absolutely spectacular. From this viewpoint you can see Madrid in a totally different way, and you can also enjoy large lawns, where you can have an excellent day out in the open with your family. It is also the perfect location for a delicious picnic without having to leave the capital.

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Photo via Pixabay

Another fun option in the capital is Madrid Río. It consists of almost 10 kilometers of green parks and playgrounds for the whole family to enjoy. Seventeen areas dedicated to children’s entertainment have been distributed throughout Madrid Río, so if you encounter that one place is too crowded, you can always go to the next. It is perfect for doing sports with your children or to have a relaxed picnic. When the weather is good, you always unwind more, so do not forget to go here in summer, and pay a visit to its urban beach. In San Sebastian de los Reyes you will find another great park for you and your children. The Ciudad de Los Niños has a large picnic area with tables and benches under the trees, extensive green lawns to rest after playing together, two small lakes, swings and zip lines, a balance circuit made of wood, a skating rink where you can practice various sports, a giant castle with slides and a wooden house with slides for the little ones with swing hammocks, in addition to many other spectacular attractions.

Have you visited any of these parks in the capital? Which one is your favourite?

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