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The Best Pizzas in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Pizzas are an essential part of Italian cuisine, and people from Madrid love their pizza. There is a great variety of places where you can eat or order fast food, and this comes in handy when you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen.

A few restaurants have picked their brains on how to put new pizzas on the menu, with recipes coming directly from Italy. These establishments are paving the way with their new flavours and top-quality ingredients. So today, this blog article by ShMadrid is dedicated to sharing the best pizzas in Madrid with you.

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Get to know the best pizzerias in Madrid

slices of pizza with arugula

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The pizzas at Araldo Arte del Gusto are made from organic, semi-whole wheat flour, and the pizza dough is free from any chemical additives. Ingredients are shipped in directly from Italy, except for anchovies, this regularly used raw material comes from the Cantabrian Sea.

The pizzas at Araldo Arte del Gusto contain many vitamins, nutrients and fibre. Ingredients are always natural, fresh and very aromatic. Try a classic pizza Margarita, made with Fior Di Latte and 24 months ripened Grana Padano cheese. It is absolutely spectacular! Araldo Arte del Gusto is located in the Centro district.

Pizza Mamá Chicó, with a base of ricotta and mozzarella and with vitello tonnato and arugula, is another pizza you should try. And the list doesn’t end here, have a delicious smoked salmon pizza with black olive puree, or a mushroom pizza with foie gras and caramelized onions.

All these pizzas can be ordered and devoured at Mamá Chicó, a pizzeria located at Recoletos in the Salamanca district. You will find a combination of Galician, Argentinean and Italian cuisine on Mamá Chicó’s menu. You will be positively surprised by the kitchen’s creativity and the atmosphere inside the restaurant. Once you have been here, you will keep coming back for more.

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pizza with olives, fork and knife

Photo via Pixabay

Have you ever had an oval-shaped pizza? If the answer to this question is “no”, then go and try one at Don Lisander. The pizzas here are not only oval-shaped, but also with a thin and crispy crust. Don Lisander is located at Calle de la Infanta Mercedes in the Tetuán district, and this kitchen cooks more than 30 different pasta varieties and various types of pizzas, all made from tried and tested recipes.

Pizzas are made with different types of dough, and the menu at Don Lisander consists of both classic and less traditional recipes. People that visit the place regularly have decided on their favourite pizza: a pizza with camembert cream, white truffle, quail eggs and homemade crisps. Until you have tried it, you can only imagine its taste…

Believe it or not, but there is also such a thing as Argentinean pizzas. If you don’t believe us, visit Picsa at Calle Ponzano in the Chamberí district. The success of its pizzas is based on the kitchen’s attention for detail, as the dough takes at least 48 hours at a low temperature to rise.

The result is a thicker, but still fluffy and crunchy dough. In addition to the pizza base, the cheese they use is a special mix of artisan cheeses. Try something new, like a pizza with candied duck and dried figs, or opt for a traditional pizza Napolitana with anchovies, fresh tomatoes and parmesan.

What is your favourite pizza and pizzeria in Madrid?

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