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Campsites in the Vicinity of Madrid

Written by Daniella

Staying at a campsite might often seem only destined for young people with a lack of money, but nothing can be further from the truth. First fo all, campsite prices are not always as cheap as you think, and secondly there are many people who just love the activity of going camping during their vacation. It is not only for young people, but also for couples, families with children or retired people. Going on a camping trip is almost a way to get a better understanding of life and to appreciate nature more. And that is why the team from ShMadrid will tell you more about campsites near the capital of Spain. If you want to give this type of tourism a try, keep on reading!

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Enjoy nature at campsites close to the capital

Photo via Pixabay

Going camping is an experience by itself, and it is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors with young children. Campsites emerged as an alternative to free or wild camping, whether in a tent or in a motor home. Wild camping is an adventure, but it can also be dangerous and unsafe. Special spaces for people to camp were created for this reason exactly, where you can be accompanied by other campers, and with certain services to facilitate your stay, like bathrooms or an area to wash your clothes. Campsites are now protected by being mostly fenced spaces, and security is much greater. When discovering what camping customers desired, camping sites started to include other services, so people could spend practically their whole vacation there, without ever having to leave the campground premises. Swimming pools, supermarkets, laundry rooms with washing machines, children’s activities, security guards, bicycle rental, a sports area… these are only some of the services that you can find at campsites nowadays. And if you do not have a tent or own a caravan or motor home yourself, you can stay in a bungalow or a wooden cabin, and some campsites even offer apartments as an alternative means of accommodation.

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Photo via Pixabay

There are several campsites near the capital, which are ideal for a perfect holiday. The first one is campsite La Fresneda, located in Soto del Real. The environment is very beautiful, surrounded by ash trees, natural meadows and livestock farms, and you can even spot some wildlife here: storks, roe deer, goats and foxes… And Lake Santillana is a natural reserve for waterfowl. It is next to Pedriza, a rocky area full of walking trails and special places. Here you can discover wild goats, griffon vultures, foxes, roe deer and a great variety of small birds. The next suggestion for you is Camping Piscis, located in the municipality of Navalafuente. Camping Piscis is certainly not your standard campground, as its plots are designed to adapt to the terrain and its vegetation. They have a total of 300 plots, and for its implementation not even a tree was felled. All the plots are different, and the sizes range from 200 to 400 m². Due to its spaciousness you can really enjoy the campsite more. All plots have water connections, drainage and an electrical connection. The last option we want to tell you about is Camping Aranjuez, and as its name might suggest, it is located in the municipality of Aranjuez. The campsite is located next to the Río Tajo, making its way to the city of Aranjuez, and the campgrounds have a total of 162 plots suitable for camping and caravanning, measuring between 80 and 130 m². You will also find 23 tourist bungalows on the terrain of over 30,000 m². Campsite services include a bar, restaurant, supermarket, three sanitary blocks, a swimming pool, playground, sports court, a petanque area and animation activities.

Do you like camping? What is your best advice for camping tourists in the area of Madrid?

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