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Find Culture in Madrid at La Casa Encendida

Written by damien

It is not every day that you can enjoy yourself going to the bank, but one of the few times when you’re liable is by taking in “La Casa Encendida” on Ronda Valencia, 2. La Casa Encendida (House of Culture) is housed in a former bank building, that was constructed way back in 1878, operated for many years by the Caja Madrid savings bank, who have taken upon themselves to underwrite and manage the building’s day-to-day operation. ShMadrid will tell you a little bit more on La Casa Encendida.

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History of La Casa Encendida

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Since 2002 La Casa Encendida has operated as one of Madrid’s leading multicultural centers, where is possible to watch the latest movies from all over the world in a variety of languages, attend a debate relevant social and political issues of the day, or just go up to the roof of the building and enjoy a coffee or a small soft drink on the building’s t spacious terrace, in the shade of the citrus trees they have specially planted there and look over the rooftops of the city. Those who have decided to make the city their home, are sure to enjoy spending some of the time discovering the many facets of La Casa Encendida, which is located in the Arganzuela neighbourhood, in close proximity to the Circo Price and Reina Sofía Museum.

La Casa Encendida offers a choice of visiting avant-garde art exhibition and theatre taking part in their cultural programme which takes in dramatic arts, cinema, as well as other aspects of contemporary artistic creation. For those who like keep up with information on the world, La Casa Encendida also operates an all-inclusive resource center with a media library, news archive and radio, photographic and multimedia laboratory, open five days a week.

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