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The Elements of Castilian Interior Design

Written by Daniella

Decorations and interior design are very characteristic to a place or region. Depending on where we are, we can learn about its culture and its way of living. This is all thanks to some of the details in which locals decorate and design the interior of their homes. Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you a bit more about Castilian and Madrilenian interior design, and you will discover some of the curiosities of locals living in their homes.

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Discover classical Madrid interiors with Castilian interior elements

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The Castilian decorative style is inspired by solid wood, antique furniture from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and the Plateresque style of Carlos I. Plant motifs, panels and decorative elements on furniture and doors, are basic elements in these homes. And as we already mentioned, they contain typical Plateresque style motifs. The inlaying technique that is used to work on the wood is called marquetry, and this technique has Arab influences and consists of applying pieces of veneer to furniture, or other surfaces, by using a hammer. The type of wood that is used, is solid wood in a dark colour, in order to produce robust, practical and decorative furniture. A very characteristic type of furniture is the bargueño desk, which is cabinetry in the form of a portable desk, but with many drawers and decorated with ivory inlays in geometric or arabesque shapes.

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Castilian style furniture can often be recognised by the wooden beds with carved feet and decorated heads. Wooden plaster and mouldings, wooden beams on the ceilings, white walls and windows with wooden frames, are other signs of a Castilian interior. So we can sum it up by saying that the Castilian style is characterized by high ceilings and visible wooden beams, single-colour ceramic floors on the ground floor, wooden floors in other areas and white limestone walls. The façade on the outside, on the other hand, can be made of mud bricks or Arabic bricks. If we go back to the inside of the house, we can see wrought iron elements and canopy beds. Windows are, just like the doors, made of wood and have two panels with wooden shutters. Bathrooms are spacious, with a bathtub and washbasin, but without a bidet. And to end this chapter of decorations, there is a crucifix above the bed, cupboards in the pantry, wrought-iron mirrors, chandeliers, a dressing table with a wash basin and a fireplace. These are all key elements of Castilian interiors.

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