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Seeing Madrid Diferente

Written by damien

If you are living in Madrid in a flat you have rented and wondering what to do next, it may be time to delve into a life of excitement. The blogosphere is a abuzz with the amazing venues, news, tips and lifestyle choices available from an award winning website and blogger from Madrid Diferente. Being stuck in the rat race during the day does not mean at night on your own time that you have to live the same way. Do something different, get out and enjoy the various aspects of Madrid that make it great. Look at a few of the great reviews of things to do from the site.


A great little restaurant that recently expanded in Madrid to include a trio of trendiness. El Bar is where you could start in this great place to try the snacking menu while sipping your favourite drink. The Factory of Tapas is an intimate setting to taste the menu that started it all with amazing croquettes that will literally blow your taste buds. Lastly the Atelier is a salon of solitude to enjoy the amazing menu in quiescence. Whichever of the three you choose your tastes buds will be overwhelmed with joy.

Things of Leisure

Not to be outdone by activities of the gastro nature, Madrid Diferente supplies an endless list of leisure activities from all styles of life to please the other four senses. A few of the items on the calendar coming up in the spring include these gems. The Night Theater celebrated World Theater Day, with an intense full day of theater, dance and music with over 200 performances being performed throughout the day. Another great cultural festival celebrating the Indiepop movement around the world comes to life with Madrid Indiepop 2014, celebrating local artists within the movement. So if you are looking for something different to do, as you step out of your rental apartment in Madrid, check out this section of the site to keep your weekends and evenings forever interesting.

For the Family

Not to be left in the dark, this great event planning website even has a great list of things to do for the whole family and not just your usual stuff in the month of March a ton of great activities were listed for children and families. An activity center such as The Magic Bag, provides an evening or full day of fun for the entire family. It is an undescribable world full of toys, a library, a workshop and even a puppet theater stage. This is a place of magic were children and adults can play and learn and have fun. Of course there are other English friendly events such as Twinkle Tots in Grey Elephant, where English stories and lullabies are sung and read, with the aide of a live guitar.

If you are looking to do something Madrid Diferente, simply visit this website for activities that will always keep you doing something different in experiencing new sites, sounds and events for just you or the entire family. Madrid rentals offers a way for locals in vacationing tourists to enjoy these events in a space like a second home.

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Originally from France, Damien has made Spain his home. He loves languages, learning, food and startups.

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