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Madrid’s Realism Tattoo Artists

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Written by Daniella

In the last couple of years getting a tattoo has become more and more fashionable. It used to be more of a delinquent or rebellion act, but it has now actually become a form of art, and almost everyone wants one on their skin.

Because of this fact, the number of tattoo shops in the Spanish capital is growing rapidly, but this doesn’t mean they all deliver the same quality.

If you are getting your tattoo in 2019 and are looking for the best realism tattoo artist in Madrid, then this article by ShMadrid will give you a list of tattoo experts, so you will be nothing but confident about getting a new body tattoo.

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The best realistic tattoo professionals in Madrid

JuanPe Tattoo

lady with nose piercing and arms full of tattoos

Photo via Pixabay

JuanPe Tattoo is proud to have opened one of the largest tattoo studios – with 500m² of floor space dedicated to the world of tattoo – in Spain.

This new studio is located in the town of Griñón in Madrid. There is a training facility for tattoo artists, a large exhibition area and tattoo material shop, and there are four tattoo artists who are experts in various styles.

They work on any type of design and style the client prefers, whether it’s a Chicano tattoo, an old school or traditional tattoo, a biomechanics tattoo, a Maori tattoo or tattoo lettering. Their specialty, however, is realism and black & grey tattoos.

They create personalized and unique designs for each client, adapting them to the person and the specific area of the body that is to be tattooed.

One of the last studios that has opened in Madrid city, is their new tattoo studio in Usera, more specifically at Calle Rafaela Ybarra, 13.

Face 2 Face Tattoo

Face 2 Face Tattoo opened its doors for the first time in the neighborhood of Prosperidad in Madrid in January 2015. This tattoo studio is a very warm and welcoming space, and everyone is cared for in a personal and friendly way. That is why they really wanted to add a touch of elegance and warmth to the studio.

You can let your imagination run wild because, with the shop’s extensively equipped facilities and all necessary sanitary equipment, they can execute any tattoo wish to full satisfaction.

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Acme Tattoo

tattoo artist working on lettering arm

Photo via Pixabay

This tattoo center has thousands of designs to choose from, from their own designs to tailor-made projects. You will surely find what you are looking for here. In addition, they also sell piercing jewelry. Make an appointment to touch up your old tattoo or to design a perfect cover-up.

You will find the best tattoo specialists at Acme Tattoo, and they can perform the majority of tattoo disciplines, such as realism, black & grey, color, Polynesian design – Maori, Dotwork, geometric, minimalist, repairs and cover-ups.

They can work with almost every possible style, they pay attention to every detail, make a personal design for every customer and take all the time and care that is needed for every tattoo. You will truly end up with an original “work of art” on your body.

The team will collect all your ideas, and they will then give expert advice to perfect your ultimate tattoo design. This is the shop where you will get the best value for money, besides receiving a warm, personal and professional service.

Are there other realism tattoo artists in Madrid?

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