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Celebrating New Year’s Eve In Madrid

Written by Laura

The night of New Year’s Eve, or as it’s known within Spain, Nochevieja, is one of the most exciting nights of celebration for Spaniards. It’s common for people to gather on this evening, dressed for celebration, and sit together and share drinks with friends. For many, it’s a break from the exciting but demanding family events that have have taken place the rest of the month. The end of the year is celebrated just as much as the start of the incoming one, with the hope of peace, prosperity and tranquility for the year ahead. The most famous New Year’s celebration in the country takes place here, in the Spanish capital, which is why today in this article from ShMadrid we’ll be telling you about the New Year’s celebration in the heart of the Iberian peninsula.

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Reign in the New Year in style in Madrid

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As in every country, the capital city tends to be the neuralgic center for large events and celebrations that draw in people from all over the country. This is especially true for Madrid, where a multitude of celebrations are organized, with the most famous taking place at the well-known Puerta del Sol. Here, in front of an audience thousands of people strong watching in person and on their televisions, the twelve bells marking the countdown to the New Year ring out over the city, marking the start of the eating of the twelve grapes. This is a Spanish New Year’s tradition in which a grape is eaten for each of the twelve bells that ring out each year on December 31. The origin of this tradition is not completely clear, but it is believed to have started in 1909, when the winemakers of the area began to give out grapes to people due to the surplus of the fruit for the season. Since then, the tradition has taken root as a yearly ritual among the Spanish population, with millions of people sitting in front of the television each year to eat their famous grapes.

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Photo by PromoMadrid via VisualHunt

In order for everything to go smoothly, it is important to make sure everything is working properly beforehand, so a simulation with volunteers will often take place to make sure everything is in order. Therefore, if the idea of participating in the New Year’s festivities twice this year sounds appealing to you, you can decide to participate. In addition, there is a large level of security present in the Puerta del Sol for this event, as tons of people crowd in to participate in the celebration. The hosts of different TV stations, dressed to the nines for the occasion, crowd on the balconies of the plaza with the view of the large clock that sounds off the gongs of the New Year’s countdown. In fact, the outfits of the presenters on this night have become a New Year’s spectacle in and of itself. After the bells and the toasting of a new year comes the rest of the celebration, whether at home, in a club or at dinner. If you haven’t decided on any plans for New Year’s Eve yet, you can also check out other options for things to do in Madrid here.    

Will you be in Madrid for New Year’s Eve this year? What are your plans?

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