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Where to Buy Used Bicycles in Madrid

Written by Paula

If you are thinking of buying a bicycle, but don’t want to invest the amount of money required to purchase a new one, you will have no problems finding used bikes for sale. There are a variety of stores and online shops where you can buy second hand bicycles, not only in Madrid, but all over Spain. ShMadrid will share a few options in this article today.

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Todobicis is a website where you can find mountain bikes, road bikes, urban bikes and other types of bikes, as well as bicycle components, accessories, and protective gear. People can also use the website to sell their own bicycles.

Somos Recycling

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Somos Recycling was the first second-hand bike shop chain to open in Madrid, founded on June 15h 2013. Passionate about bicycles, Somos Recycling doesn’t want to see any of them go to waste. At Somos Recycling, clients can not only buy used bicycles but also sell their old ones. The stores also offer repair services. There are several Somos Recycling stores in Madrid. Visit the business’ official website to discover which one is located closer to you.


At BikeZona you can find bicycles all across Spain, choosing from a variety that ranges from road, mountain and urban bicycles, to Tandem, Electric and Triathlon bicycles. The website also sells bicycle parts and accessories.


Goobici is a web page where people selling and looking to purchase a bicycle meet. The page sells both used and new bicycles. Here you will find items sold by private individuals, stores, outlet stores and workshops. The page also sells bicycle-related accessories.

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Not only a website where people can both buy and sell used bikes, Merkabici also publishes articles about cycling, provides health advice for cyclists and announces the dates of major upcoming cycling events.

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Photo via Visualhunt is not a shop, but a classifieds page, where people can post bicycle-related items for sale. On this website, you will find bicycles and bicycle accessories, like wheels, lights, and helmets.


Formerly known as SegundamanoVibbo is one of the most famous websites in Spain for the buying and selling of used items. In the bicycle category you can find urban bicycles, mountain bicycles road bicycles, electric bicycles, BMX and trial bicycles, static bicycles, folding bicycles, cycling gear and accessories.


Another store where you can find second-hand bicycles is SecondBike. This store offers various types of bikes, with over a fifty vehicles designed for the road, the mountain racing and BMX. The store also carries bicycles for children. SecondBike is located at Calle San Germán, 70.

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