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Where To Eat The Best Tripe In Madrid

Written by Brian S.

Spanish cuisine is very popular in the world and the capital of Madrid has plenty of typical dishes specific to the city, such as the calamari sandwich or the cocido madrileño. Another essential dish in Madrid’s cuisine is the tripe, cooked Madrid style, a typical and traditional dish that is very popular with local Madridians. Today, from ShMadrid we want to discover the best tripe restaurants in Madrid.

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This is a classic restaurant in Madrid, located near Madrid Casino. Open since 1839, Lhardy is especially known for its tripe, for some the best in Madrid. This restaurant has a main hall, the Elizabethan Room, and five private rooms for 150 diners. With a modern menu following the international culinary trends, while keeping the essence of Castilian food, the Lhardy has been able to adapt to the new times through the years, thus procuring its success in Madrid in the 21st century. Here, we find dishes such as cream of boletus and Iberian noodles (€19), the consommé de la Casa (€9.50), apple vichyssoise (€18), duck foie gras with port (€21), prawns with coconut (€21), lobster salad (€34), cocido madrileño (€35.50), stewed partridge (€31.50), and desserts such as bacon de Cielo and flan (€11) among others. Their tripe (€28) is among their specialties and have managed to maintain the traditional Castilian flavor of this emblematic dish.

Address: Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8; Seville via Line 2 of the Madrid metro

La Tasquería

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Near the New Theater of Alcalá, La Tasquería is a traditional but modern tavern specializing in casquería, or organ meats from an animal. It is one of the most fashionable restaurants in Madrid with a menu featuring six different dishes, including various cheeses and dessert for only €38.50, VAT included. La Tasquería is a restaurant that cooks casquería in the traditional but refined way, although in its menu, you can find many other dishes. With the cow, there is the cheek with corn (€10), the liver with salad and mustard (€10), and lasagna de melleja (€10.50). With lamb, there is the brain and kokotxa omelet (€9), the neck with curry and salad (€10), or the taco de asadura with chipotle sauce (€9). With the pig, they come with artichokes and lobster (€11.75), the ear with beans and salad (€10), and the cheeks breaded with cauliflower (€9.75). You can also have tripe with mushrooms, mussels, or partridge (€7); desserts and other assorted sweets can also be found on the menu.

Address: Calle Duque de Sesto, 48; Goya via Lines 2 and 4 of the Madrid metro

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San Mamés

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San Mamés is another classic restaurant in the city, located at Cuatro Caminos and well known for its style of cooking tripe. This tavern specializes in tripe, with its simple presentation in the style of traditional old Castilian restaurants, but for the first quality ingredients and fresh used for the realization of your dishes. Among its main dishes, they include cooked baby squid, the ajoarrierro cod, and sherry mushrooms. They also have other dishes such as ox sirloin rice and a unique organic tuna salad. Its main dish is, obviously, the tripe, a secret family recipe, that is less spicy than served in other restaurants, so they are an ideal dish for those with less tolerant to spicy food.

Address: Bravo Murillo, 88, via Lines 1, 2, and 6 of Madrid Metro at Cuatro Caminos.

This is our top 3 of restaurants where you can try the best tripe in Madrid and enjoy the taste of ancient Castilian food. What is your favorite tripe restaurant in Madrid? Do not forget to share your opinion with us!

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