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Where better to hear the best flamenco than in El Corral de la Moreria, Madrid

Where better to hear the best flamenco than in El Corral de la Moreria, Madrid
Written by damien

Every country in every city with Senate has their own particular culture and history and none more so than Madrid the capital city of Spain. In fact Madrid has so many aspects to her culture, both traditional and modern, anyone coming to live in the city will get to visit and sample so many experiences without ever likely to repeat a single one of them.

One of the first experiences that any new visitor will be required to get through if they are planning to live in the city for any length of time is to find a warm and friendly place to live that will suit both their needs and their budget. And the good news is that there is no reason for the apartment hunting experience to be an unpleasant one- in fact the opposite. All that is required is a visit to the offices of ShMadrid, the city’s leading estate agents.  ShMadrid are happy to  take care of all of  your accommodation needs, and their friendly and professional staff will always be ready  to provide expert advice and guidance to newcomers in the city  to find the ideal apartment from the wide selection Sh Madrid always have to choose from.

Even during the throes of apartment hunting, there’s no reason why not to take in some of the many experiences that Madrid has to offer. One of the first should be a visit to the El Corral de la Moreria, Madrid’s most well-known and loved flamenco restaurant and tablao. By doing so you will be following the footsteps of other famous visitors to Madrid over the year including such nightlife lovers as Frank Sinatra and Ernest Hemingway to name but a few.

Corral de la Moreria is regarded by many as the best tablao flamenco in the world even having been awarded the prize to that effect during the Festival International de la Minas, sufficient to have become a regular feature in the internationally regarded Michelin Guide,

Conveniently situated in the very center of Madrid, you will find the Corral de la Moreria is situated in close proximity to the Royal Palace. Founded by Manuel del Rey in the mid-1950s Corral de la Moreria is among the longest established tablao flamenco in the country, and over the years has hosted performances from such legendary flamenco artists such as La Chunga, María Albaicín, Mario Maya, El Güito, Manuela Vargas, and Blanca del Rey.

Those wishing to take in some typical Madrid cuisine and a traditional flamenco performance will be able to extend one of the two performances that the Corral de la Moreria hosts every evening every night. The first show begins at 21:30 and the second 23:30, each lasting around ninety minutes with no less than eleven performers taking part. .

Those attending the late show need to be in no hurry to make it home. Instead they can sit around enjoy a few drinks, enjoy a chat with other revelers and listen to the flamenco music being played in the background.

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