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Corral de la Morería – the Best Flamenco in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Many foreigners who visit Spain like flamenco, a musical genre that includes singing and dancing, characterized as an outpour of art, technique, passion and talent.

Flamenco is admired all over the world, and the spectacle of it all always stirs you up. You can find one the most important flamenco singing and dancing venues of Spain in Madrid. It is called Corral de la Morería, and you should definitely visit this place if you want to see the best flamenco shows in Madrid. So today, ShMadrid tells you more about Corral de la Morería.

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Enjoy the best flamenco in the capital

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Photo via Pixabay

All throughout its history, Corral de la Morería has performed with some of the most outstanding flamenco professionals. There have also been leading figures among guest artists, who have turned it into one of the best places to enjoy flamenco in the capital of Madrid.

The establishment is located in the historic centre of Madrid, next to the beautiful Royal Palace, that is visited by many tourists. The stage is decorated in such a way, that it reminds you of an original flamenco tablao (an original flamenco platform floor). It is like you have gone way back to the old days…

It is also very popular with famous people, so don’t be surprised if you sit next to a celebrity, politician or royalty.

In addition to enjoying excellent flamenco live shows here, they have also opened a high quality restaurant in the oldest flamenco venue in Madrid on October 10, 2017. Its superb chef is called David García, who – after only nearly two years as chef in the kitchen of restaurant Álbora – got a Michelin star. He has started a new adventure now at Corral de la Morería, as he was looking for something more to offer his clients.

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four colourful female flamenco dancers

Photo via Pixabay

In an absolutely unique place, they have managed to create a location where you can taste good quality, traditional Spanish gastronomy. It is a culinary art to satisfy everyone’s palate, and the basis is always good quality ingredients and products, with an added special touch.

This restaurant only operates in the evening, and it has only four tables, making it one of the smallest restaurants in Europe. The top quality food and the 70-minute show presented by nine different artists, make it the cultural and artistic heart of Madrid.

The venue is known as the cathedral of flamenco art in Spain, and Manuel del Rey has opened Corral de la Morería in 1956. It has since become – for many, many reasons – the most famous flamenco tablao in the entire world.

You will experience an unforgettable evening at Corral de la Morería, an evening you will certainly remember for the rest of your life. And it does not matter if you visit with your family or friends, because the artist performances and dinner are spectacular. To top it all off, you will enjoy exceptional service here.

*Main photo by yasudaflamenco via Visualhunt

Have you visited Corral de la Morería? What did you think of the show?

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