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Getting Highlights in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Highlights, babylights, balayage, or lowlights are some of the existing techniques to enhance your hair colour, depending on your preferred look for each season. And you don’t have to stick to only one hair color for the rest of your life, you have other, more personalized options. The colour of your hair is something delicate and even with the best hairdresser, getting the exact color or effect you want is complicated. Besides this, not all hairdressers know how to use the different techniques of discoloration, and this must make you think twice, before stepping into a hair salon. That is why today, ShMadrid has a few recommendations for hairdressers in Madrid that excel in highlighting and colouring your hair.

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The art of managing colors and tones

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Tacha Beauty (Paseo de la Castellana, 60 and Ochandiano, 35) is the elite’s preferred beauty center and it is famous in Madrid. They offer all kinds of services, from hairdressing to aesthetic treatments through massages and rejuvenation techniques. Prices are high, but they guarantee perfect results. All techniques are carried out to perfection, from classic techniques, to modern methods. They only use products of the best quality and with respect to your hair. Discoloration is done with extreme care, taking into account every detail to get the best effect. If you have seen a celebrity, actress or hostess with gorgeous highlights in Madrid, it was probably done by one of the professional hairdressers from Tacha Beauty. Also one of the best hair salons in the city is Maison Eduardo Sánchez (Marceliano Santamaría, 5). This brand was created by stylist Eduardo Sánchez Mazo. This famous stylist explains that the colour blonde is addictive, and that is why techniques of discoloration are still so very important. Both he and his team are colour experts, and they can achieve the most natural result or the most spectacular change. In addition they do perfect haircuts, so you won’t have any trouble putting your trust in their hands.

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Ángel Peluquería (Joaquín María López, 12 Bis) is one of the most exclusive salons in Madrid. You can enjoy their excellent treatments with a lot of privacy, and this salon is obviously favourite with many beauty and fashion editors. The techniques of discoloration without oxygenation that are used here, do not cause any aggressive reaction, and therefore you get super natural results. Keeping a perfect blonde look can be complicated, but at Ángel Peluquería your hair does not suffer from oxidation, and that is why your colour stays beautiful for a longer period of time. If you want the perfect and long lasting blond tone, this is your place to be. For those who want to change looks frequently or like to go to the extreme, Blades Hair Studio (Ballesta, 6) is the studio of your choice. You can find this hairdresser (with a London atmosphere) in the neighborhood of Malasaña. The hair stylists perfectly master the latest colouring techniques, and cutting your hair takes place in a relaxed and lovely ambience. You can take your time to explain what you are going for this time, and the stylist does his job while you are having a nice cup of coffee. If you are not one of those people who sticks to only one haircut their whole life, and if you like to follow the latest trends, this studio will be your new favourite place to change looks.

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