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3 of the Best Parks in Madrid

Written by Allison

The levels of pollution in Madrid are quite high. Yet it is also considered to be one of Europe’s greenest cities as well. This is because within it there are over 617,000 acres of parks along with some beautiful historic gardens. When you visit Madrid you’ll want to escape the hustle and bustle for a few hours. Well this is where the parks and gardens in Madrid can help. Once you enter these areas you’ll find that everything seems to slow down. So where should you head went you want some relax time in Madrid? Below are some of ShMadrid’s favourite parks where you can relax and commune with nature in Madrid if you wish.

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Real Jardin Botánico

Photo via Pixabay

The Royal Botanical Gardens are a hidden gem among the many parks to be found in Madrid. The park came into being in 1774 when King Carlos III decided he wanted such. The architect who designed them is Sabatini who also designed the Prado Museum. Within its grounds you’ll find more than 30,000 live plant species and also 3 greenhouses. Each greenhouse revolves around a different climate. In one it houses plants that thrive in desert conditions. In the second one are housed tropical plants, whilst in the third one you’ll find subtropical plants. You’ll find this park easily as it located beside the Prado Museum. In fact sometimes it is included as part of a Madrid tour. Although it is best to visit when the weather is good, should it start raining you can then head towards the greenhouses and take shelter.

Parque del Oeste

Photo via Visualhunt

The Western Park is located on the Madrid’s western fringe and slopes down towards the River Manzanares. This is one of the larger parks within Madrid as it only covers a total of 98 hectares. But within the grounds there are large swathes of lawns on which you can spend relaxing in Madrid. But should you find the sun getting a little too much there are plenty of trees where you can sit for a while. If you have the opportunity to visit Madrid in the spring, then make sure that you spend time in this park. As every year at this time a rose show is held in the park’s large rose garden (La Rosaleda). As part of this event international awards are presented for the finest blooms.

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Jardines de Sabatini

Sabatini Gardens

Photo via Pixabay

The Sabatini Gardens are one of the smallest parks and gardens in Madrid. It covers only a total of 2.54 hectares. But within the grounds you’ll find a large selection of magnolia trees, cedars, pines and firs. The garden itself is named after Sabatini who as already mentioned designed the Prado Museum and Madrid’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Although these gardens were created during 1930’s they follow the same designs as those of Sabatini himself. You’ll notice that the benches, hedges and fountains within it are laid out in symmetrical formation as all classic French gardens are.

Which is your favorite park in Madrid? 

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