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Getting Active in Madrid

Getting Active in Madrid
Written by Emily Elwes

Just because you are on vacation does not mean that you cannot visit a local sports facility or gym in Madrid to keep active. There are literally hundreds of places where you could go both indoors and out to get a workout in while on vacation. With facilities that offer regular workout offerings, indoor and outdoor pools, running tracks, weight centers and a host of other activities; get out of your holiday apartment rental and stay fit. ShMadrid will share some of the best sports facilities with you today.

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Golf & Tennis

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If you are an avid golfer Madrid has some excellent facilities to keep active on your game. Las Reja Golf Majadahonda is a golfing center whether you are a beginner or a professional offering a wide range of services. With four tennis courts on-site after a golf game you can also get your heart rate up by spending time on the courts.


Just because Madrid is landlocked does not mean locals do not enjoy watersports. Bahia Madrid and Club Natacion Jimenez offer a wealth of water sport activities including indoor and outdoor pools, competitive diving, water polo, or simple recreational swimming. Jimenez also includes an on-site gym to work up a sweat and then get cool with a relaxing swim.


Whether you choose Club Metropolitan Abascal, Principe Sport or the chain Zest Abasota for a day at the gym all your needs will be met with a plethora of workout activities and wellness center treatments. The Metropolitan club offers over 85 activities for sports and fitness activists. With activities for the whole family including children it may be a great day spending some time exercising to be able to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Metropolitan breaks down their activities into a number of categories in order to suit all tastes. There are body-mind exercises and classes, choreographed arts, cardiovascular heart pumping events, watersports, muscle toning, high caloric expenditure and outdoor activities.

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Alternative activities

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Some interesting activities available in Madrid also include an indoor ice rink. Also, one of the largest sports facilities in all of Spain is located in Madrid the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid. With indoor and outdoor swimming pools that are posted international swimming events and water polo competitions, an on-site golf course, horseback riding center and tennis courts it is one of the best well-rounded sports facilities offering a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities. As a sports fan, you may also want to take in Real Madrid at their home stadium, Santiago Bernabeau Stadium, while in town. As one of the best and most decorated football clubs in the world the show is always heart pounding.

Instead of putting on the pounds during a relaxing vacation, take time out to stay active by finding the nearest sports facilities and gyms in Madrid or simply find a great public park, plaza or square to take an invigorating walk in. One of the best times is in the evening during the dusk hours for shopping, dining and a long walk.

Which sports facility would you advise and why?

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