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Homes of the Future in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

The real estate market is always adapting to client needs and demands. Madrid’s homes of the future are based on a series of initiatives, that could completely revolutionize the housing industry as we know it.

New housing alternatives have been developed over the last couple of years, and these alternatives are aimed at creating a more efficient and sustainable world. Are you curious about the house of the future and its possibilities? Then keep on reading today’s blog article by ShMadrid!

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Discover Madrid’s homes of the future

There is one big change that can be seen on the outskirts of Madrid and in its suburbs, and that is prefabricated houses. Many people choose for a manufactured home, because of efficiency reasons and speed.

modern building

Photo via Pixabay

While the building of a traditional house could take about 18 months, this construction can be ready in only 6 months.

This new way of constructing a home goes hand in hand with quality, a shorter implementation time and effective cost control. Additionally, the environmental impact is much lower, which means a client can save significantly during the home’s life cycle.

So if the energy performance is better than with traditional building methods, then this is a sound explanation for the fact that Canada and the United States are building many houses from prefabricated modules.

A casa parásito could be a future form of living in all great capitals of the world, so this could also be a solution for Madrid. This new concept is based on houses that are added to existing building structures. As there is no need for new land to build on, this can lead to huge cost savings.

Cities like New York, Paris, Athens and Sydney already have these parasite houses, and they can be seen hanging from the side of a building, in between the walls of two buildings or on rooftops.

This trend is expected to last a long time, as this is a way of increasing a city’s population in a sustainable way. This type of housing is long-lasting, and what is best of all, is that it can be adapted to everyone’s preferences and needs.

A city’s rise in population numbers is also giving way to another building trend that will completely transform today’s housing design. It is called a vertical city, like in science fiction movies. The main idea is to build high-rise skyscrapers, so these can accommodate larger populations.

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The result will be astonishing, because these buildings are going to provide us with housing, schools, offices, sports centres, shopping centres and sometimes even a park. This innovative vision completely changes the old idea of always building horizontally.

colourful tiny houses

Photo via Sky Noir via Visualhunt

This new way of looking at building structures breaks with traditional, horizontal designs, as these are no longer sustainable. Our population continues to grow at an unstoppable rate, and this could be the only way to save our city’s green zones. Eliminating those could lead to several environmental problems that need to be prevented.

Another trend that proves to be very successful is a tiny house. Tiny houses are cleverly designed houses of only a limited number of square metres. A tiny house is more affordable, more sustainable and, depending on the base of the structure, can often be relocated easily.

A person living in a tiny house enjoys a much simpler and more practical life. You can already find many tiny houses in the United States, and they are a perfect solution in a time of financial instability or job uncertainty. More people, however, are starting to fancy the idea of living a tiny house, even families with small children or teenagers.

Spain is not yet ready to accommodate tiny houses, but it’s only a matter of time before they will become a trend in Madrid’s housing scene. If you take the price per square meter into account, living in a big city in a tiny house would be an extremely clever idea.

Do you see other trends for the city of Madrid when it comes to homes of the future?

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