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Apps To Help You Save Money

Written by Laura

In the current times we’re in, it’s more important than ever to be saving money, even if it’s only a little bit. However, between tight salaries and the ever-climbing cost of living, saving money gets harder and harder. In addition, we sometimes simply don’t understand how to save money effectively, which ultimately ties in to managing money responsibly and spending wisely rather than frivolously and randomly. It can be difficult to figure out your budget while also trying to create and manage your savings goals, which is why a form of personalized assistance that’s an arm’s reach away can be a total game-changer. Today in this article from ShMadrid, we’ll be talking about apps to help you to save money and manage your savings, and all the benefits of this simple tool.

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Control your savings from your phone

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Right now, there are a number of apps that make various parts of life a lot more convenient and easy, whether it be shopping, reading, finding a song, working out, hiring an Uber, or as we’ll be talking about today, saving money. What saving apps essentially do is show you, in real time, the spending and income occurring within you bank account, all in order to make the process more visual and understandable. As a result, they can help you to be more conscious of your spending and the impact your purchases have on your budget.

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There are a number of savings apps that can help you to better manage your money. One option is Monefy, a free app that helps you to be aware of all your spending on one simple, visual platform and allows you to view weekly and monthly updates on your spending. This way, you have the most control possible over your charges and purchases and, by seeing the financial impact, you can review and discern which purchases are necessary and which are less so. Another app worth checking out is Expense Manager, an app where you can view different graphics related to your finances. This tool can help you to see how much money you delegate to different purchases and types of spending, allowing you to reflect on how you divide up your money. MoneyWiz is another app option for effective saving; when you download MoneyWiz, you can synch up all your different bank accounts in order to see all of your finances in a one versatile and personalized format. In addition, the app sends you updates to help you better control your daily, weekly and monthly spending, allowing you to allocate more or less money according to which purchases are more important at any given time. Learning to save money is not as easy as it seems, especially if you’re one who tends to spend impulsively. It is for this very reason that these apps come in handy, and why they exist in the first place – to allow you to manage multiple bank accounts and types of spending all on one platform.

Have you used any of these apps? Did you find them useful?

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