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Hotels with the Best Spas in Madrid

Written by Daniella

When we travel to any place in the world and we stay in a hotel, we usually love to relax in the spa after our long walks to explore the place. But sometimes we do not travel for pleasure and the hotel is our place to rest between marathon days of meetings, accumulating stress by closing important deals. It is then, when the spa of a hotel becomes an essential place to ease our nerves and relax our body after a hard day’s work. That’s why today, ShMadrid will share with you in this article all about the best hotel spas in the capital.

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Relax in these hotel spas in Madrid

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A spa is a place where different healing techniques are performed, with the intention to relax and improve the appearance of the skin and the state of mind through a central element: water. These spa centers, also called thermal centers or hydrotherapy centers, usually have specific characteristics, that make them ideal for eliminating stress. First of all, the temperature of the spa is usually warm, so that the people who undergo different treatments are comfortable. You can access the spa in bathing clothes, bathrobe, pool slippers and swimming cap. Normally in each spa you can find pools with hot water, and pools with cold water. You will stay in each of them for a certain amount of time, and after exchanging pools, this improves circulation and, therefore, the state of the skin. The cold water pools usually have ice and the hot ones have a system of jets, that help to relax the muscles of your back. You can also find a smaller pool at a spa, called a whirlpool, which expels air through small holes, that cause a series of jets of water inside the pool to relax the muscles. In addition to all this, usually a spa also has a sauna, a space made of wood in which a high temperature is maintained, accompanied by a high rate of humidity, which is achieved with a brazier with water that evaporates. This space has seats to relax and its function is to pull the sweat form your body to detoxify it, and improve the appearance of the skin. Another element that can be found in a spa is the hammam or Turkish bath, a steam bath that eliminates toxins and relaxes the body, similar to the sauna, but with certain essential oils that stimulate relaxation.

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As we have said before, today we are going to suggest several hotels with excellent spas in the capital of Spain. The first one we want to talk to you about, is the Hilton Madrid Airport, an excellent and comfortable hotel near the airport, that will get you relaxed before you get to your suite or room to rest. We can also recommend the Eurostars Madrid Tower, a luxury hotel with spa in the capital, that offers many services for the care of both body and mind. Finally, we suggest the ME Madrid Reina Victoria, a hotel in the capital with a magnificent spa and excellent service.

Which hotel with spa would you recommend in Madrid?

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