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Getting Your House Ready for Summer

Written by Daniella

Summer is the best season to enjoy the outdoors and to apreciate summer in the capital. Besides this, sunny days make your home look much lighter, and they make you want to decorate your rooms with vibrant colors and fresh materials. If you have a garden or terrace, then you are absolutely blessed, because you can spend much time outside, have meals there with friends, do a little sunbathing, swim in your pool (if you have that too) or you can relax in the shade of the trees in your garden. Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you all about how to prepare your house for summer.

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Redecorate your home this summer

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With every season of the year, your decorations in the house vary. Not only fabric textures change, such as curtains, sofa covers, cushions or carpets, but also colours tend to be much different. In winter colours are more dark and sober, spring brings floral prints, and in autumn oranges and browns are more pleasant. The best colours for summer are yellow, orange, blue, white and green. These colours are a great success inside the house, as they are inspired by nature’s hues. And this way your interior is a reflection of the exterior. So if your windows are still dressed with heavy curtains made from thick fabrics and dark colors, which worked perfectly fine during the winter season, now is the time to change them. They will give your whole house a fresh look. You can start by choosing curtains in bright and cheerful colours, which will play with the sunlight that enters through them. Soft and natural textures are also ideal, and you can keep out the sun with blinds or awnings. Also remember that if you have a lush and heavy carpet in the living room or in your bedrooms, it is a good idea to replace them with finer, natural ones. Or even better, remove the carpets altogether.

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And now let’s talk about the sofa, which, for most of us, is an important piece of furniture in everyday life. Summer turns your sofa, made of thick upholstery and warm textures, into your personal enemy. These types of materials are ideal in winter, because they provide extra comfort, but summers with high temperatures are catastrophic for a sofa with these characteristics. They can be your worst enemy, and this is also the case with leather or faux leather sofas. They can often be terribly uncomfortable when it’s hot outside, as they really tend to stick to your skin. Possible solutions? Well, as buying a new sofa every season is out of the question, you can opt for a sofa cover in natural and light materials. You can choose cotton or linen, for example. Sometimes sofas allow you to change the entire cover, but you can also choose your favourite summer fabric and fit it yourself, so that it covers most, or at least the sitting area of your sofa. The cushions on your sofa are no longer useful during hot temperatures, so limit their number and only keep a few to support your head. If your cushion covers are still made of winter fabrics and colours, you can always change the covers to combine them with the rest of the fabrics and fresh materials in your home.

What have you done with your interior this summer?

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