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Where to Go Ice Skating in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Ice skating is a perfect way to spend a lovely day with family or friends. Whether you are one of those who skate well, or are one of those who are not capable of moving forward one inch without falling, you will surely have a great time.

It is always good to share moments of laughter with loved ones, and if you can combine it with a fun way to activate the body, that’s even better. If you were thinking of something different to do this weekend, the ShMadrid team knows where you can go ice skating in the Spanish capital.

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Skate away smoothly on your ice skates

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Photo by ferobanjo via Pixabay

There are some ice skating rinks that are open all year round in the city of Madrid or its surroundings. In the Centro Commercial Palacio de Cristal (Calle Silvano, 77 in the neighbourhood of Canillas) they have an ice rink of Olympic dimensions: no less than 1,800 m² to enjoy in the heart of Madrid. The track is designed for all audiences and for every level.

They have a skate rental service, lockers for your personal belongings and a cafeteria to entertain those who don’t dare to skate and wait for you while watching your every move on the ice. There are monitors on the track to help and give you some advice if you are a beginner. The schedules for public sessions are in the morning and afternoon, depending on the day and the season.

It is always better to consult their website before heading out, because during the holidays they tend to be open longer. In Leganés you can find one of the best ice rinks in the surroundings of Madrid: El Pabellón de hielo de Leganés (Avenida Alemania, 2).

With just ten minutes from the capital, and closest to Madrid’s districts of Carabanchel and Usera, you can skate on an ice surface of 1,450 m². The track has many services, from skate rental to a cafeteria, so you can spend a fantastic day there with family or friends. They are open in the afternoon, during weekends, holidays and during vacations.

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Photo by annca via Pixabay

It is best to check the schedule before you leave the house, because opening times vary depending on the day and time of year. If you are going as a group, you can make the reservation in advance, and you can profit from some of the discounts they offer. You can also rent the pavilion for your events. On the website you will find all the information you might need.

In Valdemoro you can go to the third ice skating location: Pista de hielo Francisco Fernández Ochoa (Calle Dalí, 11). They are open to the public in the afternoon on Fridays and Saturdays and all day on Sunday. On the other days it functions as a skating school and as a location for other ice sports. They also offer the possibility of celebrating your birthday party on the ice.

Last but not least, La Nevera (Calle de la Fresa, 14) is an ice rink located in Majadahonda and closest to the district of Moncloa-Aravaca. Although it is a smaller venue, it also has all the services you need. It opens to the general public on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon.

It also has a school and you can celebrate parties and birthdays here. In addition to the skating rink it has more facilities, like bowling, cinemas and several restaurants. It is ideal to spend an exciting day with the family here. Even if you don’t have much balance and are not very skilful yet, ice skating is something that everyone can try. So what are you waiting for?

Do you like ice skating?

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