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Living in Madrid’s District of La Latina

apartments in la latina district, madrid
Written by Daniella

The district of La Latina is one of the most intense and vibrant districts in Madrid. Lesser known fact is that the district’s name honours a nun named Beatriz Galindo. She put her heart and soul in studying and translating Latin.

Do you already know what is good about living in Latina? The streets in this district are full of cultural and leisure venues, and this absolutely makes it an attractive place to stay. Madrid’s districts and neighbourhoods are precisely what give the city its character, and according to ShMadrid La Latina definitely has lots of character and it’s also a trendy part of the city.

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What’s it like to live in the district of La Latina?

street in la latina district in madrid

Photo by Jim the Chin via Visualhunt

People in this district are very friendly and neighbourly. There’s always someone around to have a conversation with, they like to exchange information on special events, and they even lend you their jumper cables, should you ever need them… It is a multicultural and traditional part of the city, and the atmosphere is always good.

The heart of La Latina is probably Mercado de la Cebada. This market offers many different and good quality products. As markets are not just social and historical places anymore and have become more trendy today, this market has changed into a lively place where you can also eat and have a relaxed drink.

During the week there’s a bohemian feel to it, and many actors and writers, in fact, take a leisurely stroll through the area, taking advantage of the district’s enormous potential. On weekends, however, people enjoy its terraces, and not only people from other neighbourhoods, but also tourists who have become curious about La Latina and pay it a visit.

Plaza de la Paja is also an interesting square. There are plenty of terraces to meet with friends and to spend some memorable moments together. Check out the many opportunities you don’t want to miss here, from trying creative market kitchens to having a refreshing cocktail at sunset.

The most popular streets in La Latina are Cava Baja and Cava Alta, as there is a great variety of bars and restaurants to choose from. Its gastronomic culture is honestly unparalleled, with traditional and more creative dishes, and let’s not forget Madrid’s typical tapas.

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La Latina metro station in Madrid

Photo by RHo Caballero via Visualhunt

Its small streets are worth exploring, as there is always something to see and discover, from taco restaurants, Argentinian food and authentic Mexican dishes, to wine pairings, Basque pintxos and even Russian restaurants.

Once you have had your first aperitif night falls, but fortunately La Latina is open for business until around 2 or 3 in the morning. This means you can start your night out late in the evening and continue until the first birds start singing again.

La Latina is considered to be one of the best districts to live in. It has several markets for daily groceries, bars with a lively atmosphere and comfortable pedestrian zones.

There’s an authentic and bohemian feel to this area, so if you enjoy art or are a creative person yourself, then this is definitely your district. Another asset is its proximity to Madrid’s city centre, and this results in easily getting from and to that part of the city to La Latina.

*Main photo by TeaMeister via Visualhunt

Do you live in La Latina? Why have you chosen this district?

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