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Spanish cuisine

Madrid’s Scrumptious Gastronomy Awaits All

The food in Madrid
Written by damien

Madrid’s cuisine has a very rich culinary history and particularly well known for exotic seafood. The food is not only spicy and tasty but also comes with a wide variety of health benefits. Spanish cuisine is one of the most nutritious and healthiest cuisines in the world and it is heavily influenced by many regional cooking styles. This beautiful capital city is also home to some of the finest hotels; the Villa Magna, Gran Melia Fenix, Preciados, Principe de Vergara, Reina Sofia, Ritz, and Grand Wellington are some of the popular ones. Visit the city and experience a truly memorable gastronomic experience.

Madrid is situated close to the Manzanares River and enjoys a continental Mediterranean climate throughout the year. Humidity is low, winters are cool, and there is sunshine most of the year. The Royal Palace of Madrid, Prado Museum, Almudena Cathedral, Jerome Church, Royal Theater, Sabatini Gardens, Caprice Park, and Fine Arts Museum are some of the popular tourist attractions. Madrid has a good mix of races that includes Indians, Romanians, Filipinos, Bolivians, Chinese, Peruvians, Bulgarians, and Argentines, making the culinary options diverse in nature.

Tantalize your taste buds and enjoy authentic Spanish delicacies at reasonable rates. Enjoy a wide range of dishes that includes potato omelets, aromatic stews, tortillas, sausages, rice puddings, and cakes. Don’t forget to eat the famous tapas. Tapas are served throughout the day in most bars, cafes, and hotels. It’s a great appetizer and a perfect start to your meal. If you are a fish lover then you should definitely try the Pez Aspada. It’s a wonderful dish in which swordfish and olives are grilled and served with sauce. The grilled octopus with lemon and potatoes is another local favorite. You can try the marinated grilled quail or rib eye steak for the main course. The marinated grilled quail is usually served with red chili and honey. It’s a magnificent dish that goes well with wine and your kids will love it. Cinnamon ice cream, banana pancakes, almond cake, white chocolate mousse, and brandy truffles are popular desserts.

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Madrid is not only a paradise for food connoisseurs but also a great place for young students, working executives, and senior citizens to settle down in life.

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