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National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum
Written by Allison

The National Archaeological Museum reopened its doors after undergoing renovation. Behind its towering facade is an amazing selection of artefacts that help to give further insight into the country’s history.

When it comes to the National Archaeology Museum Madrid it is all about learning and for you to have fun.

As you make your way through the various areas the Madrid museum provides you with a journeyMosaic National Archaeology Museum through the country’s history. It allows you to learn more about the different people and cultures that chose to make Spain their home.

It is the perfect place to learn more about Spain’s history from prehistory to the 19th century. Plus you can also learn more about the various territories that make up Spain today.

This archaeology museum Madrid was founded in 1867 by Royal Decree by Isabel II, and it contains many ethnographic, decorative and archaeological arts Madrid, as well as numismatic materials. All of which have been collected by the Spanish Monarchy and retained in the Royal Library along with other institutions across Madrid.

A neoclassical design

The building itself is of a neoclassical design and is made up of 4 big interior courtyards. Should you wish there is also a library where you can while away some time that not only specialises in history, museology and archaeology publications, but also scientific ones.

One work that shouldn’t be missed during your visit the bust of the Lady from Elche (Dama de Elche). Plus you’ll probably find yourself amazed at the beauty of the wonderful Roman mosaics discovered in various villas across Spain.

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Along with these exhibits we would recommend you spend time enjoying the ones regarding Greece and Egypt. Also we are sure that you and any children with you will love the area where a partial reproduction of the polychrome room from the Cave of Altamira is to be found. In fact this is the perfect place to while away a feRepica Cave of Altamiraw hours should the weather not be a great as you would have liked, or if you are finding the heat a little too much.

Of all the museums that are located in Madrid, this is one you should really make the time to visit. It is open every Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 am until 8pm and every Sunday and Public Holidays from 9.30 am to 3pm.
When it comes to you wishing to visit museums in Madrid you’ll find that this one of the most affordable. Entry is use 3 Euros for adults, whilst students or those who have a Youth Card pay just 1.50 Euros.

But on Saturdays, Sundays and at certain times of the year children under the age of 18, those over 65 and unemployed people can enter for free. But they can only do so on a Saturday from 2.30 until 8pm.

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain she home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Madrid has to offer.

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