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Madrid serious candidates to host the Olympic Games in 2020

Written by damien

There can be very few cities that love sports like Madrid and that’s why they are very much in running to play host to the Olympic Games of 2020. If the bid is successful then it will only be a result of hard work and determination as the city’s organising committee have been very close to receiving the go-ahead from the International Olympic Committee,) once for 2012 when London got the go-ahead and when the city of Rio de Janiero was given the honour to host the games in 2016.

With the Olympics in two thousand and twenty likely to be hosted in Europe, Madrid seem likely the strongest candidates to host the games, with Istanbul with only being the only other serious contender from the region, with Tokyo also being considered.

An ICC delegation recently spent four days in Madrid to check out the facilities that it could offer. At a news conference held at the end of the visit the delegation head revealed that they had been very impressed by what they had seen in the city.

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The prospect of hosting the Olympics in 2020 really has created a new atmosphere of excitement in Madrid, and the city council is truly hopeful that this time their application will be successful against that of Tokyo and Istanbul.

Meanwhile there are a few detractors saying Madrid can afford to host the Olympics while Spain’s economy is struggling pushing unemployment up to record levels. However those in favor, who are in the majority point to the fact that the city of London who hosted the Olympics in 2012 enjoyed a tremendous boost to the economy as well as to the national morale which is being slowly felt in moving out of the economic depression that’s affected most of mainland Europe.

Even the head of the International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission hastened to add during the press conference summing up their visit that they were confident that the financial guarantees issued by the team behind the Madrid 2020 bid were more than sufficient to support hosting the Olympics, going on to add that unlike London and especially Rio de Janiero, 28 of the proposed 35 venues that the committee were shown during their visit were already fully built and operational.

They also reckon that to build the remaining seven venues would cost a maximum of €1.5 billion, a drop in the ocean compared to what the city would generate in income during the period of the Olympics as well as the prestige and enjoyment hosting the Games is guaranteed to bring.

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