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Original Souvenirs from Madrid

souvenirs madrid
Written by Daniella

When you visit a city it is pretty normal to take a souvenir from that place back home with you, either as an item to remember your time there, or to give something typical from that place or region to relatives and friends.

Most of the times you collect a couple of typical things, like postcards, fridge magnets, a “traditional” Mexican hat that every souvenir shop in Spain sells, or, one more thing that many people love, a traditional flamenco figurine, dressed in faralaes.

If you are visiting Madrid in your short term rental and are refusing to buy the typical and sometimes corny stuff, try any of these original souvenir shops that ShMadrid is sharing with you in this article.

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Original gifts and souvenirs in the capital

Madrid Souvenirs

magnet souvenirs

Photo by N i c o_ via Visualhunt

Madrid Souvenirs is a company founded in 1998, and it specializes in selling gifts and typical Spanish souvenirs. They currently have 23 stores, mainly located in the capital’s most important shopping areas.

They offer good quality products, and their professional team delivers great service. They are always prepared to give you the best possible advice when needed.

It is a dynamic, flexible and innovative company, always seeking product originality in order to provide suitable solutions for each and every client. Madrid Souvenirs sells gifts of prestigious brands, official sports products and traditional craftsmanship, but with a touch of exclusivity and originality.

They have a specialized service for companies and for special events, with the option of customizing their products, among which you will find key rings, magnets, pins, mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts and scarves.

Amor de Barrio

This shop pays a small homage to the culture of the famous Malasaña district, to the celebrities who made it one of its kind and to the historical events that have occurred in the district, ever since Napoleon’s occupation in 1808 up until today: the intellectuals, the suffragettes, the universities, the poets, the shops, the taverns, the revolution, the Movida?

All this has contributed to Malasaña being what it is nowadays, a modern, cosmopolitan, connected and exemplary neighbourhood.

Some of its characters were: Manuela Malasaña, Alaska, Emilia Pardo Bazán, Almodóvar, Rubén Darío, Rosa Chacel, Concepción Arenal, Federico García Lorca, Alejandro Sawa, Ortega and Gasset, Pío Baroja, Gómez de la Serna, Los Ramones, Pío Baroja, Antonio Vega, Rosalía de Castro, Goya, Benita Pastrana… All of them are “malasañeros”, either because they were born there, or because they completely lost their heart to the neighbourhood.

You will find mugs, magnets, sweatshirts, sweaters, postcards, t-shirts, notebooks and posters in the shop… all souvenirs from Malasaña, and perfect gifts for anyone.

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Memories of Madrid

potatoe and onion tortilla on plate

Photo via Pixabay

Memories of Madrid was created to take the most traditional dish as a gift back home with you: the delicious and world-famous tortilla, preserved in extra virgin olive oil. The tortilla is always prepared according to traditional recipes, and the good thing is, it only has natural ingredients: potato, onion and egg.

The packaging of this tortilla is a fun can, and you can choose from over 80 different colors and prints from the past 80 years (1939 to 2019). This is an ideal gift to put in your luggage, when you travel home.

Cuadros guapos

This last shop is located at Calle Carlos Arniches 32 right in the centro of Madrid, and you can purchase your personalized and customized paintings here. They are tailor made, in wood, without frame, and with thick paper. You can hand over your photo or graphic design, and you can choose any size you want.

You can place your order in store or via telephone by contacting their customer service. They will help you order exactly what you want, but if you prefer, they can also select a design or take any image that you like.

*Main photo by M. Martin Vicente via Visualhunt

Have you visited any of these stores? Which had the most original souvenir?

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