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Visit Franco’s palaces in Madrid

Written by damien

One of the most famous, and some says infamous, figures in the history of 20th-century Spain was General Francisco Franco.

General Francisco Franco was both a leader of the military as well as principal statesman who ruled over Spain from 1936 until his passing in 1975, with most of these years being spent at the Palace of El Pardo on the outskirts of Madrid. Beautifully set in its own beautiful grounds the Palace of El Pardo has always been used a royal residence and for a short time after Franco’s passing, it was possible for visitors to the city to visit the General’s private quarters and meeting rooms and even the Franco’s private bedroom suite. However, in recent years, due to new legislation, the Historic Memory law that was introduced these quarters was closed to the public.

Despite that, the Palace of El Pardo is still worthy of a visit being one of the most historical palaces in all of Spain as well is the most beautiful with its grounds being specially attractive, as well as parts of the castle dating back to between the sixteenth and eighteenth century.

Anyone living in Madrid who is interested in seeing how Franco lived can always visit the beautiful basilica of the Valle de Los Caidos, said in the hills or looking Madrid. Valle de Los Caidos is a more modern building built according to Franco’s orders and his specifications. The Valle de Los Caidos is the scene of Franco’s final resting place, with his grave being situated alongside that of more than 33,000 soldiers who were killed during the Civil War, from both sides of the political spectrum.

The impact of Franco’s life can be felt all over Madrid although most of the damage and destruction caused by the Civil War much of which was formed in and around the city has long since disappeared into the annals of history.

It is a Madrid is a warm and vital democratic community offering something for everybody in the way of entertainment, employment and cultural enlightenment.

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