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Take the time to visit the Real Fábrica de Tapices

Written by damien

Madrid is home to a wide number of museums, covering every aspect of the city’s rich history, both from semi modern times as well as going back a number of centuries. One of the most interesting is the Real Fábrica de Tapices, situated in the suburb of Fuenterrabia.

Explaining the rich history of the production of tapestries in Spain, the Real Fábrica de Tapices is a working museum where visitors can see tapestries being produced in the same methods that were used as they have been for hundreds of years. In addition visitors to the museum are given updates on the state-of-the-art methods used today to repair ancient tapestries may have fallen into disrepair or have been damaged .

The museum has a rich history, having been established at the beginning 18th century by Philip V of Spain, and where the famous Madrid artist Goya learned some of his trade, first as a cartoonist and later as a tapestry weaver.

Evidence of Goya’s handiwork may well be amongst the major collection of tapestries, carpets and even cartoons dating from between the sixteenth to twenty-first centuries. That can be viewed at the Royal Tapestry Factory.

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