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Pour Me a Gin Tonic

Written by Emily Elwes

It is no wonder that locals and tourists alike seek out the best gin tonics in Madrid where they can enjoy a refreshing cocktail that has swept the country by storm. Spain is now the leading drinking population of gin in the world per capita and Madrid enjoys one of the best selections of gins anywhere in the world. Remember when looking for monthly rentals in Madrid to scope out the nearby gin bars to enjoy the nation’s new national drink.

Gin History

As a spirit, gin derives most of its flavor from the Juniper berry. The alcohol has its roots in medieval Europe in Belgium and the Netherlands when the older Jenever was used in the distillation of the spirit for both medicinal uses and is a beverage. The drink was brought to England when William of Orange occupied the British throne, originally hailing from Holland. In the European Union gin is broken down into four specific classifications including juniper flavored spirit drinks, gin, distilled gin, and London or ‘dry’ gin. The basis of the alcohol is ethyl alcohol generally produced from distilling corn, rice or barley and then infused with various flavors were the predominant flavor is juniper with accepting flavors becoming very popular. The new gin popularity has expanded the flavors available to include star anise, citrus fruits, herbs, flowers and even spices.

Making the Perfect Gin Tonic

There is a myriad of debate over what makes the perfect gin tonic and most of it comes down to personal preference. Yet what most recipes can agree on is ensuring proper preparation provides for a perfect palette pleaser. One of the best ideas has been to use first organic tonic water and avoid sugary and soda type club sodas available commercially. Use this organic tonic water first by filling ice cube trays and using them in the drink so it does not dilute the flavor while drinking. The second aspect that makes the perfect drink is a bartender that asks questions. With some gin bars offering 20 – 200 different types of gins with flavors from mild to harsh and from purist juniper to wacky fruits it is ultimately about your taste buds that matters in the drink. This bartender will ask you questions and then provide the drink to your tastes based on quality ingredients.

Gin Bars in Madrid

Finding a gin bar in Madrid can be as easy as walking into an area with multiple restaurants and bars, where you will most likely find a gin bar, flamenco bar, and dance bar altogether. Yet to find a truly outstanding bar serving the best gin tonic here are few options. Dry Martini Bar has been one of the top 50 bars in the world for three years running and provides a classic interpretation of the gin tonic cocktail. Whereas Arzabal will provide more flair both in the preparation and ingredients of their gin tonics. Yet for the true Gin Tonic seeker, The Gin Room can keep you pleasantly satisfied for hours and days with the amazing selection of gins on hand.

The best gin tonics in Madrid where the quality of ingredients is number one in preparation is number two can easily be found in those three gin bars. From your monthly rental in Madrid step out into the nightlife of one of the best party capitals in the world.

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