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Important Processions in the Community of Madrid

Written by Daniella

Processions are one of the most important parts of the Spanish Holy Week (Semana Santa). These solemn representations of the passion and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ are some of the most heartfelt and popular, and they can be found in every corner of the country. The Community of Madrid is not an exception, and there are many spectacular processions that will give you goosebumps or a lump in your throat. Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you where the best processions in the Community of Madrid take place, so you can truly experience Spanish Holy Week.

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Holy Week and the processions you can visit

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The processions during Holy Week are evocations and venerations of important Christian figures in its most bitter times: the passion, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus. The procession has figures of Jesus Christ, some apostles and saints, and the Virgin Mary. They walk in pain and with sorrow, and we commemorate them during the Christian Holy Week. The images, of great realism and beauty, are elaborated with care by master sculptors, and they are dressed and decorated with clothes and jewels of great artistic value. Many of the ornaments usually are of noble materials, and they are carefully guarded by the religious institutions and its brothers during the rest of the year. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are two days that more processions go through the streets of different towns. The bearers are responsible for carrying heavy pieces on their shoulders while walking, and they hold them with a firm and rhythmic step, generally walking in slow pace, and accompanied by drums to help keep up with the rhythm. There are more instruments, and of course you will hear the spontaneous, religious songs (saetas) that might even bring a tear to your eyes. In short, it is an authentic parade, full of emotion, that is joined by thousands of religious and curious people every year.

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Photo via Pixabay

Many processions are being organized for Holy Week in the Community of Madrid. There is the procession of Alcalá de Henares. This Holy Week has been declared Festival of Regional Tourist Interest in 2004. The procession runs through this town, of which the urban environment has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. Another important procession that is being organized in the Community of Madrid, is that of the municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. It is one of the oldest in the region, since there is evidence that processions were already being held during the time of Felipe II. Do not miss the Procession of Silence, which is perhaps the most emblematic of them all. It takes place in absolute silence, only accompanied by a drum roll and the footsteps of religious followers. Torrejón de Ardoz is also one of the Madrid towns that is famous for its processions. It is worth highlighting the artistic value of the Baroque carvings that are exhibited in its stairs. The processions of Palm Sunday, Silence or the Holy Burial, are accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the town, and they are not to be missed.

Is there a different procession during Holy Week you would recommend?

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