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10th Edition of Ruta del Cocido Madrileño in 2020

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Written by Daniella

Once again Madrid is the stage for the next Ruta del Cocido Madrileño, and this is already its 10th edition. Along its route you will find 43 participating restaurants, and anticipation is high, because it is believed that the event will attract even more visitors than last year. Did you know that the cocido madrileño (stew) is the most characteristic dish of the Spanish capital?

So for six weeks, from the middle of February until the end of March, you can go to one of the many restaurants, and the staff will be ready to lift your spirits with this legendary dish during those coldest days of the year. Will you try one or more of these dishes?

Today’s article by ShMadrid will tell you more on this delicious food route.

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All about this year’s Ruta del Cocido Madrileño

There is no doubt in our minds that the Ruta del Cocido Madrileño is a culinary activity that is most valued by both Madrid’s citizens and its visitors, especially to survive the winter season. The tenth edition of the route promises to be a unique event, and your senses will be stimulated by an exceptional gastronomic route along various restaurants in the entire Community of Madrid.

large pan with stew and herbs

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Depending on each chef, the stew can either be cooked in a regular pot or a clay pot, but the stew can also be served in two, three or four courses with specific ingredients.

If you follow the route of the Cocido Madrileño, you will be on a very special journey, because you will visit different corners of the region. This means that you will not only find some of Madrid’s most characteristic establishments on its route, but it also allows you to go to very different locations, like towns called Alcalá de Henares, Alalpardo and Alpedrete.

There are several restaurants in the Community of Madrid that specialize in cooking the cocido madrileño, but not many people are aware of where these restaurants actually are. So the event with its special route will make sure that you know where to find these restaurants, allowing you to visit them more often and to enjoy this great traditional homemade stew.

The first dish that will be served is a hearty melt-in-your-mouth chickpea soup, and its is accompanied by sauces. Then, depending on each restaurant’s kitchen, beef, blood sausage, bones of a ham and vegetables can be presented in a stew together, but they can also be served separately.

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large pan with potatoes and meat

Photo via Pixabay

More than 40 restaurants participated in the event’s previous edition, and some popular places like La Bola and El Rincón de Goya were included then. There will be at least the same amount of participants this year, and the best chefs in the region will be responsible for preparing and cooking the exquisite dish.

To find out which restaurants are taking part in this year’s route, just go to the official website: www.rutadelcocidomadrileñ It will show you the latest information on all the restaurants that will join the Ruta del Cocido Madrileño. Good to know: the stew is normally served in three different ways (soup, chickpeas and vegetables, and meat), but there are different combinations of the ingredients as well.

Once you have checked the route and made a selection, save the tickets from the restaurants you have been to and vote on what was your favourite restaurant. By entering a very special draw you can win a prize worth the amount of 2000 euros. The prize could be:

  • Your weight in wine (from La Moradas de San Martín D.O. Vinos, Madrid)
  • Your weight in olive oil (Madrid)
  • Your weight in chickpeas (from De Godín, Daganzo)

Do you have other interesting facts about the Ruta del Cocido Madrileño?

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