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Where To Go Salsa/Latin Dancing In Madrid

Where To Go Salsa/Latin Dancing In Madrid
Written by Allison

Salsa Dancing MadridSince its transition to democracy, Spain has flourished and this can be seen in Madrid’s nightlife. There are plenty of clubs and bars where you have the opportunity to dance the night away. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you when we say that this city has an exciting latin dance. In fact latin/salsa dancing in Madrid is something not to be missed during your visit.

When visiting city’s like Madrid it can sometimes prove difficult to interact with the locals. But in Madrid’s clubs you shouldn’t find this a problem, especially those where they enjoy latin or salsa dancing. This is because it is a very social activity. Through dance you have the perfect way of integrating into Madrid culture. Plus, the cost isn’t all that expensive. You may find on particular nights that some clubs allow free entry.

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So where can you go to enjoy salsa/latin dancing in Madrid?

As you would expect, there are plenty of great clubs such as Tropical House, The HostEl Son Cubano and Azúcar. The nights on which they open do vary. Tropical House is open only Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. As for The Host, this one is open only on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. When it comes to El Son Cubano this club is open from Tuesday through to Sunday, whereas Azúcar is open from Wednesday through to Saturday.

Of course, you may want to brush up on your dancing moves. Luckily there are plenty of dance academies and schools in Madrid where you can enjoy a few lessons. Costs do vary and certainly expect to pay more if you choose to have private lessons instead of joining group ones. But with the group lessons you have the opportunity to meet new people. The ones we suggest you contact are A Bailar, Flow or D’angus Dance. Everyone of these are located in the centre of the city and will get you off on the right footing, so to speak. The great thing about the dance scene in Madrid is that no one will make fun of you. So even those who are complete novices when it comes to salsa or latin dancing will have fun.

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Salsa Dancing LessonsBut it isn’t all about the dancing. When you go to the various clubs, it allows you to get a different perspective on Spanish culture. All the while it offers you the chance to meet new people and try out your Spanish. You may even come across a few locals who are more than happy to help you further.

When you have had the chance to try out salsa/latin dancing in Madrid, you’ll wonder why you never tried it before.

Where To Go Salsa/Latin Dancing In Madrid
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