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Songs about the City of Madrid

Written by Daniella

Many artists have been inspired by the atmosphere, streets, bars and people of Madrid. The capital of Spain can boast for starring several songs from very diverse groups and singers. And Madrid has always been a meeting point for musicians. The city offers the possibility of fulfilling dreams, and this makes artists feel right at home. Listening to the songs dedicated to Madrid, allows you to get to know the city better, and discover the experiences, sensations and emotions of its authors regarding the capital. The team from ShMadrid will tell you more, so you can listen to some of the songs referring to the city of Madrid.

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To this day, Madrid is still the star of songs

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Back in 1980, Joaquín Sabina composed a song, that has practically become the unofficial anthem of the city. We are talking about the famous “Pongamos que hablo de Madrid”. Sabina makes a portrait of a cosmopolitan city in this song, where everything happens very fast. Narrating everyday things, he explains how hard it can sometimes be to live in a big city. In the year of 1981, Antonio Flores made a more rock version, that made the song more popular with its audience. But if there is one song in which Joaquín Sabina shows all his affection for Madrid, it is “Yo me bajo en Atocha”. It is part of the album “Enemigos íntimos” published in 1998. It is a slow song with wonderful lyrics, and with references to bars in the neighborhood of Chamberí, Atleti and everything that Sabina loves about Madrid. Also in the 80’s, the group The Refrescos composed “Aquí no hay playa”. With a rhythm that mixes rock, ska and reggae, and a lot of sense of humor, this song describes all the good things that Madrid has, and highlights its great flaw: not having a beach. Even today it still sounds like the ultimate summer party song.

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Photo via Pixabay

The first LP of the group Burning was called “Madrid”, so these rockers from Madrid dedicated their entire album to their city. The first song of the LP has the same name as the album, and tells the love-hate relationship they had with the city, as if it were a woman. Other groups, such as Loquillo y Los Trogloditas, Leño and singer-songwriters, such as Quique González and Ariel Rot, have also dedicated songs to Madrid. The eighties were very prolific in terms of songs referring to the capital, but there are also more recent songs. In 2005 the group Pereza released their third album and included the song “Madrid”. It was a declaration of love for a girl and the city. At the end of 2018, and after his time at Operación Triunfo, Alfred Garcia released the album “1016”. One of the songs on the album is “Madrid”, a tribute to the city and what it has meant to him. The chorus of the song says Madrid eres todo, a beautiful reference to the city, its inhabitants and the people that are important to him. This is surely the most recent song on the city of Madrid.

What other songs refer to Madrid?

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