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Temporary Employment Agencies in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Finding a job in Madrid can be complicated, but there are many resources that you can use during your job search. Looking for work can feel like a job in itself: you must learn to organize, know where to go, and how to present yourself best, in person, on paper or online. Apart from the time you spend on all these preparations, you can always count on the help of temporary employment agencies if you are looking for a temporary job or need quick and temporary income. In any month of the year, you might be in need of some extra cash, so luckily there are seasonal jobs to put some (extra) money into your bank account, and who knows, thanks to a temporary job, you might also land a long term job. So today ShMadrid will tell you more about temporary work agencies in Madrid.

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Temporary or seasonal work for extra income

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Some people who live in the capital now, or who intend to move to Madrid, can be excellent candidates for temporary employment agencies. Students that are looking for a job to have an income, want to be able to continue their stay and to be able to pay for costs that arise. Expats who have just moved to Madrid and are trying to find work for some extra money, need to adapt to the customs and norms of national companies, but professionals are always sought after. Seasonal jobs, as waiters, tour guides or hotel employees, are available if you really want to work. Temporary employment agencies are organizations that act as intermediaries between companies and professionals. They provide human resource services to match demand and supply by companies and professionals. Although they also have long-term employment options, companies often hire employees through these agencies, because they offer certain tax benefits if employees are hired through them, instead of being hired directly by the company.

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Some interesting companies in the capital for temporary work are: Bicolan, a temporary work expert in HR management, founded in 1994. It has been able to place highly trained professionals in long-term and well-paid projects. Nortempo is also a temporary employment agency and it has more than 25 years of experience in the sector. It offers companies comprehensive services related to Human Resources, so they can focus on growing and being more competitive and profitable. You can add your profile on their website, upload personal information like your curriculum vitae, and after that you can scroll through their job bank. One of the most well-known temporary work companies in Spain is Adecco. It has numerous offices in the capital. Adecco is a multinational Human Resources company, that takes care of the employability of mainly vulnerable groups, like young people under 25, people over 45, and people at risk of social exclusion. As it is a very large company, it also offers the possibility of doing your internship in the company, or to work directly for Adecco. This is possible in both the Spanish branches, and in some of the international branches.

Have you ever found a job through a temporary employment agency?

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