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Getting Your Terrace Ready for Summer

Written by Daniella

Now that summer is finally here, it is time to enjoy the good weather and spend lots of time outside again. If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, patio or garden, it is important to get it ready for summer, so you will be able to enjoy this area with your family and friends. Barbecues, lunches, dinners, playing games … you can use this extra space outside your home in many different ways, and sometimes you forget the value of it. Your terrace can be a real gem, and you should always respect your neighbours when using it. If you want to know how you can make more or better use of your terrace, read this article by ShMadrid and we will tell you how.

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Benefit from your terrace with our tips

Photo via Pixabay

The first thing you should take care of, is cleaning the whole area and eliminating wilting plants that cannot be brought back to life anymore. Also remove weeds that prospered during the months the terrace was not in use. The floor of the terrace or patio is a key element. If tiles are in poor condition or  fungi have chosen your terrace to reside permanently, it is time to consider changing or covering them. Since this can be pricey, you might be happier with relatively cheaper alternatives. Changing the flooring of your terrace will be worth it though, as it will look better and it will persuade you to spend even more time outside. There are very cheap wooden solutions at stores like Leroy Merlin or Ikea, or if you prefer you can opt for artificial grass. Quality and prices vary, obviously, so the less you will want to spend, the more artificial it will be. You can also resort to special outdoor carpets, if you want to cover certain more weathered areas or provide a bit of warmth and comfort. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t use your terrace that often anymore, because you are being exposed to extremely curious neighbours. To avoid their sincere interest in your outdoor space, you can attach several types of material to obtain more privacy. There are, for example, wooden frameworks, opaque fabrics, different types of natural material like bamboo or heather, and synthetic screens that do the job.

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Photo via Pixabay

Something else worth trying is assigning zones within the terrace or patio itself. You can designate one of them as your summer dining room, where you arrange a table with comfortable chairs to enjoy outside meals near the barbecue. You can go for permanent elements or portable ones. A cupboard might also be convenient when firing up the barbecue, so you will be able to store utensils, the barbecue cover and charcoal or firewood. If there is any space left, you can also put away your cushions, chair covers or even some crockery. Always remember to protect a part of your terrace from the sun, so you can also choose a more shady space on your terrace or patio. You can provide shade with umbrellas, awnings or pergolas. Parts of your terrace that are not in the shadow, can be used as a sunbathing area. Hammocks or sun loungers make it an ideal place to relax in the sun. Our last advice is to decorate your outdoor space with textiles, such as cushions, tablecloths or furniture covers. Colourful combinations will complement each other, and if you add some pots with plants or flowers, this will liven up your outdoor zone even more. The only thing left to do now, is to enjoy!

Do you have a terrace? What is your design secret for the outdoor area?

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