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Madrid with kids

Faunia Nature Theme Park – Madrid

Faunia Nature Theme Park - Madrid
Written by Allison

Are you intending to travel to Madrid with children? If you are and are wondering what to do with children in Madrid, then you may find the following place worth a visit.

Faunia Nature 2When it comes to visiting this city with children there are many Madrid parks you can enjoy. But one park that is sure to keep them enthralled for hours is Faunia.

This private zoo Madrid first opened its doors back in 2001 and has become a popular attraction with visitors to the city. Although it is officially known as Madrid Biopark (Parque Biológico de Madrid), most people better know it as Faunia.

But it isn’t like any other zoo you have visit before. In fact more see it as the Faunia theme park rather than as a zoo. But having said that within the parks 14 hectares there live more than 4,000 animals.

The Faunia theme park Madrid is divided up into 4 different ecosystems before then into 13 different themed areas. The four ecosystems that make up this park are Mediterranean Forest, African Steppe, South Pole and Amazon Jungle.

Faunia Nature 1In each area you and your family have the opportunity to be able to experience what life is like for the animals and plants that dwell in them. The kids will be enthralled by the South Pole area as they see penguins waddling past. Where as in the Amazonian Jungle you not only feel the heat but can be amazed as the array of birds fly around you. Whilst in the African area it will feel like you family travel to Madrid has ended up in you going on safari.

A life theme park

But it is much more than a zoo, it is a life theme park as it contains a huge selection of entertaining and educational attractions, which won’t just keep your kids but you entertained.

As you wander around the park there are always rangers on hand, so don’t be afraid to ask them a question if you have any. Plus there are a number of lectures that these provide on some of the rarer animals that the zoo is home to. Many love to take time out to listen to those relating to the Komodo Dragons, Manatees and Penguins.

Faunia’s 3D cinema

children_with_porcupine-Madrid-Spain-de242cf9fed940df9ebd093c115bad5d_cOne particular attraction you and your family are sure to enjoy is Faunia’s 3D cinema known as Auditorio Naturactiva. Here you are able to watch a number of different nature documentaries. So providing you with a better insight into the lives of the many animals that now reside within the boundaries of this Madrid park.

But don’t worry there is also the opportunity whilst visiting this park to get up close and personal with some of its residents. You can if you wish swim with the sea lions or feed the pelicans. Certainly if you are travelling with quite young children then no visit would be complete without spending time at “La Granja“. This little farm allows them to feed the animals.

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain she home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Madrid has to offer.

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