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Transport in Madrid

metro station in madrid
Written by Allison

We know that you are keen to visit Madrid, but of course are still debating about where to stay. Should you stay right in the center, or should you choose somewhere a little further out?

If you stay in the center of Madrid of course it costs more, but then everything is within easy reach. But if you choose to stay somewhere a little further out its going to cost you less, but then you have the added worry of getting to the centre. Well you needn’t worry because as we explain in this article transport in Madrid is good.

In fact even though it is the biggest city in Spain, you’ll find it is easy to navigate around, due to its efficient transport system. ShMadrid shows you several options that allow you to travel around the city when you visit Madrid.

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What type of transport to use


two Taxis in Madrid

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If you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, then of course taking a taxi is a great way of getting around. Also you may find that using this service to get from the airport Madrid to the centre is your best option.

Recently Madrid’s City Council approved a flat rate for those who wished to get a taxi from the airport to the city. This now costs just €30.

The taxis here are easy to recognise as they are all white, except for a red strip across the driver’s door. Only hail taxis when on the street that are showing a green light or have a card with the word “Libre” showing.

Make sure that you only use the metered taxis, and always check for any surcharges.

Metro Madrid

This is the most popular form of transport for getting around the city. There are a total of 12 lines that you can travel on, that not only cover the whole of the city, but go out beyond its borders.

Costs vary for the tickets depending on how far you want to travel, but short trips tend to cost around €1.50. When visiting Madrid as a tourist, you are better off purchasing a pass. These cost around €8.40.

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blue bus on streets in madrid

Photo via Pixabay

Madrid bus service is also efficient, with hundreds of buses running on a daily basis that reach any part of the city you can think of.

Here the buses are blue and if you want to save money, there is a special bus service you can use to take you to and from airport Madrid.

These buses are yellow and the ride which takes just 20 minutes costs only €5.

If you keep in mind some of the tips about Madrid transport we have offered above then your visit to the city will be much more enjoyable. Plus you’ll find using the transport in Madrid a much more pleasant and could save you money.

What type of transport do you use when you are in Madrid?

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain she home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Madrid has to offer.

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