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Travelling within Madrid is Easy, if You Know How!

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Written by Daniella

Madrid is a big city with an extensive public transport network, and it will help you travel within the city, without having to use a car. You can choose from different means of public transport, either by metro, train, bus, taxi or VTC (Vehículos de Turismo con Conductor).

This article by ShMadrid will inform you of the capital’s transport network and its fares. If you plan on visiting Madrid, don’t miss this article.

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Move within the city of Madrid by public transport

The Community of Madrid has an integrated public transport system, and they serve is a worldwide reference point. People living in Madrid have several options when taking short, comfortable and affordable trips, and they can combine different means of transport to get to any point in the region.


interior metro with green chairs

Photo via Pixabay

The Community of Madrid has one of the best metro systems in the world. Ever since the metro went into service in 1919 between Sol and Cuatro Caminos, the network has been growing and integrating with other means of transport. The system currently consists of twelve lines, plus the shuttle train that runs between Ópera and Príncipe Pío. The tracks are 287 kilometres long, and there are 238 network stations, providing for around 2 million travellers to use the system comfortably, quickly and safely each and every day.

12 Metro lines:

  1. Pinar de Chamartín-Valdecarros
  2. The Roses-Four Ways
  3. Villaverde Alto-Moncloa
  4. Argüelles-Pinar de Chamartín
  5. Alameda de Osuna-Casa de Campo
  6. Circular
  7. Henares-Pitis Hospital
  8. New Ministries-Airport T4
  9. Paco de Lucía-Arganda del Rey
  10. Infanta Sofía-Puerta del Sur Hospital
  11. Plaza Elíptica-La Fortuna
  12. Metrosur
  13. Shuttle train Opera-Príncipe Pío

Current metro rates are:

Single Ticket Euros
Ticket Metro (Metro Zona A and ML1) €1,50
Ticket MetroEste, MetroNorte and MetroSur €1,50
Ticket TFM €2,00
Combination Ticket Metro €3,00


Ticket with 10 Trips Euros
Ticket Metro Zone A, EMT and ML1 (Metrobús) €12,20
Ticket MetroEste, MetroNorte and MetroSur €11,20
Ticket TFM €12,20
Combination Ticket Metro €18,30


Ticket with origin/destination Airport Euros
Single Ticket + supplement €4,50
Singel Combination Ticket + supplement €6,00
Supplement Airport Ticket €3,00

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bus seat

Photo via Pixabay

The city of Madrid has a terrific urban bus network. It consists of 203 lines, with a total length of 3,562 kilometres and more than 10,172 stops. More than 1.5 million journeys a day are taking place by bus.

Current bus fares are:

Single Ticket Euros
Ticket EMT €1,50
 Airport Express Ticket €5,00


Ticket with 10 Trips Euros
Ticket Metro Zone A, EMT and ML1 (Metrobús) €12,20
Ticket with 10 Trips (Bus+Bus EMT) €18,30

In addition to these options for you to move around within the city, it is always good to know that there are other ways of travelling within the city:

  • Light Rail / Tram
  • Other city buses
  • Intercity buses
  • Long-distance buses
  • Cummuter railway


madrid taxis on street

Photo by JasonParis via Visualhunt

There are many taxis to be found in the city, and their tariffs and telephone numbers are:

Minimum fare

  • From Monday to Saturday between 6:00 and 21:00 hours: €2,40
  • Other days and times: €2.90

Price per kilometre

  • From Monday to Friday (not on public holidays) between 7:00 and 21:00 hours: €1.05
  • Other days and times: €1.20


  • Supplement for bus and train stations: €3
  • Supplement for Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I: €3
  • Supplement for trips on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve between 21:00 and 7:00: €6,70

Telephone numbers

  • Radio Taxi Independiente: 914 05 12 13
  • Radiotelefono Taxi: 915 47 82 00
  • Servitaximadrid: 913 45 12 46
  • Taxi Mercedes Madrid: 91 593 20 20
  • Tele Taxi: 913 71 21 31

Our final note is the option of using Uber and Cabify in Madrid.

UberX is Uber’s cheapest service. The minimum fare is €5.5, and it will cost you €1.25 per kilometre and €0.1 per minute. If you cancel your ride, the fee is the same as the minimum fare: €5.5.

Cabify charges differently, as the price per kilometre varies according to the total number of kilometres driven: up to 20 km costs €1.65, from 20 to 80 kilometres it is €1.10, and you will pay €1.05 per kilometre if you will travel more than 80 kilometres. If you keep your driver waiting, it will cost €0.45 per minute, and as far as the minimum fare is concerned, the price depends on whether the service is requested in or outside of the city centre: An immediate reservation will start at €6 in the centre and €12 in the suburbs; at the airport the standard starting fee amounts to €15, a ride in to the centre is an extra €10 and other areas are an extra €15.

Do you use public transport in Madrid?

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