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Accommodation in Madrid

Madrid’s Unknown Residential Neighbourhoods

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Written by Daniella

Madrid is a great city and its many different areas are a perfect display of the capital’s diversity. You can find cultural, lively, quiet, committed, rebellious, stately and humble neighbourhoods in Madrid… And all these qualifications make the city of Madrid one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities on Spanish territory.

Some of its neighbourhoods are well-known, like the centre of Madrid or the Salamanca neighbourhood, but others are lesser known. If you are considering moving to Madrid, but you do not yet know which area to choose, ShMadrid tells you more about unknown residential areas in the capital.

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Discover other parts of Madrid to live in

Ciudad Lineal

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Photo via Pixabay

Next to the M-30 you will find district Ciudad Lineal, and one of its neighbourhoods is Arturo Soria. This is actually one of the quietest neighbourhoods in Madrid, with an excellent public transport network and great gastronomic options.

If you are searching your accommodation near Calle de Alcalá, this is where the neighbourhoods of Pueblo Nuevo and Ventas really stand out. You can visit La Almudena cementery in the Ventas neighbourhood.


This area is perfect for families, and it even has fairly good, new building constructions. This is especially interesting if you prefer buying a spacious home in Madrid.

This neighbourhood is an excellent choice if you have a family with young children, because there are many parks and gardens. The surroundings are perfect for a stroll or for doing some sports. Living in this neighbourhood means having a better quality of life.

One of the most impressive parts of the Moncloa-Aravaca district is Casa de Campo, although other areas, such as Real Club Puerta de Hierro, Parque Agustín Rodríguez Sahagún and Parque Dehesa de la Villa are also worth mentioning. This district will suit many people and does not just fit one specific profile.

It is not only interesting for families, but also for students who are looking for a place to live that is close to Ciudad Universitaria.

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Sanchinarro and Valdebebas

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Photo via Pixabay

Sanchinarro is a residential neighbourhood, and it stands out for its tranquillity, but also for its proximity to the airport. It offers excellent public transport connections, and it is ideal for families, as there are playgrounds and wide avenues. You can easily go for a walk or let your children play with friends.

On the other hand there is Valdebebas, a residential area that has expanded recently, that is also close to the airport. Parque Felipe VI is one of its best sites.

Valdebebas is in fact, one of the most popular recently developed areas in Madrid. And despite the lack of services, this area is absolutely a good option to move to.


Usera has been acknowledged by Airbnb as one of the 17 “top neighbourhoods” in the world. It has now become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Madrid to live in.

Reasons for its popularity are, among others, its large number of green zones at a certain distance from the populous centre.

Usera is also known as the city’s “Chinatown”, and you have to travel to the other side of the Río Manzanares to find this neighbourhood. Usera is characterized as traditionally Chinese, with a wide gastronomic offer and some of the best Asian restaurants, which are not only considered the best in the city of Madrid, but also in the whole of Spain.

What other residential area in the city would you recommend?

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