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Vintage Guide to Madrid

Written by Emily Elwes

Shoppers of vintage fashion often have a harder time finding the small boutiques that carry the items they are looking for. This article will provide a vintage fashion Madrid guide for these out of the way shopping boutiques. You better look at old town apartments in Madrid to match the fantastic vintage clothing you are about to purchase.

Spanish Shopping Basics

When traveling to another country or area of the world it is often good to understand some of the basic trends in items and payment methods before heading out to your favorite store. Closer to tourist areas most shops open all day, every day and usually even on holidays. However, if the vintage shop is in a more secluded neighborhood or residential area, it may follow the typical opening hours for most Spanish businesses, which is 10 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM during the weekday. During the weekends, most are closed on Sunday and only open in the morning on Saturday. Most shops require photo identification when using a credit card, and most establishments will only accept new credit cards with chip and pin type security.

Vintage in Madrid

Finding vintage fashion in Madrid can be as easy as strolling the streets of the Malasana neighborhood. This area is lined with little boutiques selling everything from vintage fashion clothing from as early as the 1930s to unique handcrafted items. The area to visit is called the Calle de Velarde and is only a minute or two strolls from the Tribunal Metro station. With a quick list of the most popular vintage shops in the area below you can head off and search for your favorite vintage clothing.

Lotta – one of the older shops in the area was established in 1992 by a Swedish proprietor and carries clothing from the 1950s to the 1980s as well as colorful dresses designed by the owner with materials from Scandinavia. C/Hernan Cortes 9, Chueca.


Mona Checais the vintage market for fashion clothing and art where you can find dungarees, leotards, sunglasses and granddad jumpers just to name a few. Calle Velarde No. 2, 28004, Madrid.

The Storage – the owner’s name is Tito, and he takes great pride in hunting down the best vintage clothing and accessories for his shop. With the wide range of fashion accessories like hats, scarves, belts, and bags in all different colors you are sure to find the perfect accessory. His collection of antique suitcases and dresses for women are also intriguing.

Biba Vintage – a very well organized store with items displayed with the utmost care from the 1940s to the 1980s. The store also has an excellent gallery of old photographs available for sale.

When looking for the best vintage fashion in Madrid, guide yourself through the myriad of boutiques to the stores listed above for the best selection and rarest finds. From your old town apartments in Madrid taking a vintage fashion to her can be a blast from the past.

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